Monday, March 5, 2012

Event Schedule

I'm so excited to have show plans!

I finally found a league show that was on a date that I could make and was close. So April 14th we are heading to our second (ever) dressage show. Whoo! And to make sure I don't wimp out, I have already sent in our entry form so its paid for. Can't back out now! Other than that, here are our plans:

May 12th &13th - Recognized Dressage Show
May 26th & 27th - Eventing clinic and derby
June 2nd & 3rd - (Two) One-day horse trials
June 22nd - 24th - Inavale HT!! 

I think that this will set Jetta up nicely for Inavale and there will be other lessons thrown into this schedule, I'm planning some more with TS, some with KO and hopefully a few others. A couple barns are doing some other little shows but don't have the dates set quite yet. Can't wait to be doing more of this:

 And this:


  1. what an exciting season you have ahead! I'm jealous, I wish I could trailer out to shows. Someday...

    Get some blue ribbons for me, okay?