Monday, March 19, 2012

More Tack Sale Finds

On Saturday I woke up way too early to go to a tack sale. I went back and forth over going or not going, but I can't resist a tack sale so at 6am I was on my way. It's an hour and a half drive to the most massive tack sale ever, it's a bi-annual sale and every time I go I get some great deals.

This time I got blankets. Grady has a medium weight blanket and with this crazy weather we've been having that flip-flops from warm to snowing he needed a light weight blanket since I'm not there to take his blanket off when its too hot out. I had almost given up on finding one, but I ended up scoring an Orican Weatherbeeta blanket for $25. I've always wanted to try the Orican's since they have buckles in front and extra padding on the withers, so I think this'll be good for his sensitive withers.

Cutest ponyface in the world ♥

Um, why are you taking pictures of me?

New blankie fits perfect!

Ya, so I'm eating? Not exactly picture worthy...

Fine, if you're going to take pictures, this is my good side.

I also got a brand new flysheet for Jetta. She ripped hers majorly last summer and I just didn't like the fit of it (Saxon brand), so I threw it away. I do have an extra that I was going to use on her, but I found a Schneider's fly sheet that I had been eyeing and it was brand new, still in the bag for $25. This lady had about 5 brand new flysheets that she was selling, I had such a hard time choosing one!

Then I also found a neck cover to go on Jetta's fly sheet (no more sunburnt necks and non-burnt bodies, lol). And then a $5 Cashel fly mask with the nose cover for Grady. Hopefully it'll keep his white nosy from getting burnt! Lastly, I got a new schooling pad. Our current black schooling pad is looking very worn out and even after being through the washer several times, it's just dirty, faded and fraying.

I was hoping to find a schooling bridle for Colton, since I don't have one that fits him, but I can piece an english bridle together. No such luck and I didn't find a new girth or white show pad either. There was another tack sale on Sunday in my home town that I wish I had been able to go to since it is run by the Dressage Society and they always tend to have more english than western tack unlike the sale I went to. Overall a fun day at the sale, I arrived back at 11am, so my rationale is that I only missed one hour of study time, since I would have slept until 10am if I hadn't have gone :)


  1. nice- sounds like you scored! I wish we had sales like that in CA :)

  2. Nice deals. I'm s bit jealous.

  3. Wow, I only wish we had sales like that here! Sweet!