Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Horze Sale

I came across this on Dappled Grey yesterday

Horze is now available in the US!  I bought a gorgeous and inexpensive browband from them at the World Equestrian Games and since then I have wanted to try their other products. They are extremely affordable, and judging just from my browband, good quality as well.

They are having a sale on most of their products, 30% off plus free shipping, so I thought I'd share because they are great prices, though I can't speak for the quality. Yet ;)

Here are some of their neat products, which seem to be modeled after really high end tack such as Dy'on, Kieffer, Veredus, etc.

Horze Constance Bridle

Horze rope noseband

B Vertigo Victor bridle. This one definitely reminds me of the Dy'on hunt bridle I like.

Daily bridle

Diamond bridle

Horse "fly hood" their version of the Cashel one. For $9!

Modena bridle. More expensive than the other bridles, but nifty flash integration. If I used one that is!

Another one of the more expensive line of bridles, but still a great price. Prague bridle with patent leather in brown or black.
Stable boots that look like the Veredus version. For right around $20.

Just thought I'd share since these are awesome prices! They also have some cute clothes too.


  1. Oh, posting a link to a cool tack store with great sale prices is JUST MEAN. Especially when there will be no horse shopping for me until I pay off the new transmission for the truck.

    But I'll bookmark the site all the same! ;)