Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Where to Start

Second week of school is definitely kicking my butt. Tons of homework, the beginnings of a cold, very little time to ride... yuck.

Made it to the barn on Sunday, Misty was good but those transitions just aren't improving quite at the rate I was hoping. She just has such a hard time being in a dressage frame and doing the transitions using her hindquarters and back like she's supposed to. Western frame transitions? Yep, those have finally started to get really good. But having impulsion and being round and on the bit and doing transitions? That's HARD. Poor pony. We'll get there eventually.

I lunged Jetta Sunday and she was a wild child. Holy smokes. I was glad I opted to lunge before hand and with the way things were going I decided not to ride. I had pulled out trot poles beforehand and she was so hyper we almost couldn't hold it together enough to do even that. She sure did look purdy though!


She finally settled enough to do the poles/cavalettis and we played around with making the distances shorter or longer (after of course she stopped superman-ing herself over them - "Look mom, I can clear all five poles in one leap!") then made them into canter poles. Overall, a good workout for the beast.

No ride on Monday. Monday's are officially my worst day of the week :(

Tuesday after work I headed out and rode Jetta. I figure since she's the one most intent on tearing down her stall due to lack of turnout I should ride her the most. She was lazy on the lunge which I wasn't expecting... and pretty much perfect in the saddle. She started out a little bit all over the place at the walk and trot but settled down into the perfect pace, wasn't hauling on the reins, etc. It was, dare-I-say nice. Finally!

Lazeeee pony

I also got in some two-point practice - 3 sets of three minutes. Though I think that last set I probably stopped at more like... 2 minutes. My legs hurt today, stairs are a definite no. Luckily all my classes today were on the bottom floor!

Content with our ride


  1. Feel the burn! haha 2 point or bust!

    Glad you got some good rides/work in with the ponies!

    1. Oh my gosh, YES. I think I'm way more sore than I would normally be too because I'm sick and just in general bodysore :/ But gotta improve that time!