Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review: Cricket & Blue Custom Horsehair Bracelet

I can't tell you how excited I was to receive this bracelet! It took me a long time to send in Grady's hair. I kept all of his tail hair, specifically so that I could get a bracelet or two made. My mom eventually convinced me that it was time, as she wanted to get me this bracelet as a birthday present!

I've seen several reviews of Cricket & Blue's bracelets and I loved how nice they looked. Classy, high quality and well made. I ended up deciding on getting a bracelet made with multiple horse's hair since I wanted something that was different. I had some of Jazz's and Tux's hair as well so I emailed Rachel and asked if a tri-color bracelet in sort of a spiral-y pattern was possible and she said yes!

First picture I saw of my hair when she got it!

I got the hair all cleaned up and sent it in. I got a little enthusiastic about the amount I sent in just because I wanted to make sure there was plenty.

It was nice that I follow Cricket & Blue on Instagram and like them on Facebook because then I got to stalk all the pictures and find the ones of my hair.

In progress: Mine's on the right!

I decided on a Passion bracelet in silver. I'm definitely more of a silver than a gold kind of person! Originally I was going to go with a Passage bracelet, but then ultimately decided on Passion bracelet because even though I liked the idea of a chunkier bracelet, I liked the hardware better on the Passion.

In the mail!!

I haven't been so excited for a package in a long time. I checked the mail several times every day (our mail always comes at random times). I checked it for the second time on Monday just in case before I left for class. I happily tore into the packaging, barely pausing to take this picture:

Cute little bag it came in

And found my bracelet and a nice little note from Rachel as well. I immediately put the bracelet on to make sure it fit (phew, it did. I have the tiniest wrists so it just looked so little I was worried I asked for the wrong size!). I was then so excited that when I left the house, I locked my keys inside and had to finagle my way back inside to get them before heading off to class without being late. Hey, I was really excited.


I don't normally wear bracelets, except for my leather nameplate one. I used it as a template for what size to order. I think if I had ordered maybe half an inch larger it would have been an even better size just because of the style of bracelet it it, I'd want it a little more "floppy" on my wrist, but as it is, it's still perfect. I love wearing it with my nameplate bracelet because then I have all four of my favorite horses on my wrist!

Overall, I couldn't be happier with my bracelet. It looks gorgeous, the braid is very tight with no loose hairs, and it makes me so happy to have a piece of all my favorite horses with me, most especially Grady. I'm already considering my next bracelet, perhaps with just his hair... Or maybe even a pair of horsehair knot earrings! I would highly recommend going with Cricket & Blue for a bracelet. She responded quickly to my emails, it was great to see updates of my bracelet in progress and the end product is wonderful.

Cricket & Blue Website

**The first three pictures are from Cricket & Blue, used with their permission.


  1. I've been looking for a good place to order one through!! I need to bite the bullet and either order one myself or just beg someone for Christmas ;) Looks so cute!! I have the leather nameplate as well!

    1. It would be a perfect Christmas present! ;) I love it, the pictures just don't do it justice.

  2. I don't usually like the look of horse hair bracelets, but I really like that one! I might have to check them out....

  3. That's cool! It's really neat looking with the white and black. I should get one someday.

  4. Love it! I need to get me one of these. I have two tails I've been saving.

  5. Your Bracelet is looking really gorgeous. Aprreciate that you shared the cricket and blue website. I am also planning to have one... :)
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