Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kickstart It!

In true homework/study avoidance, here I am writing a blog post. But it's a quick one!

I wanted to share a campaign to get Equestrian Culture magazine in print. I love horse magazines in general and love fashion/artsy stuff (I'm an avid follower of blogs such as Dappled Grey, Cavalcade, etc.) so when I ran across the online version of this magazine, I really loved it. The design is super classy and gorgeous (in another life I'd love to be a graphic designer) plus I love supporting the "little guys".

This campaign has 13 hours left and they're really close to making their goal of $10,000. If they don't make it in the allotted time, then they don't get any of the money. It's super easy to create an account and donate money. If they do end up going to print then based off how much money you donated, you get a "reward". For instance if you donate $25 you get a year subscription so you're basically just buying a subscription with the only caveat being that you don't actually pay the money unless they meet their goal!

I just thought it was a neat thing to get behind so I thought I'd spread the word since I'd like to see a copy of it in my mailbox :)

Click here to go to the campaign.

You can read their previous two online publications and learn more on their website.

Like them on Facebook.

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