Wednesday, October 2, 2013


October is finally here, my favorite month because it's my birthday month :)

But oh, the craziness! I think this is the least prepared I have ever been for the start of school. I just wasn't really that excited about it... I hadn't bought books... or new notebooks... or looked at my class syllabi... The night before class I threw a bunch of stuff in my backpack, printed off my class schedule and that was that!

So yeah, back to school. Not enthused about it. Nothing really that fun this term - two writing intensive courses, Ethics in Animal Science and Philosophy: World Religions, plus Physics. Yuck. At least the religions class should be very interesting!

Add in that I have officially, as of this morning, submitted all of my application material that I've been working on the whole summer to vet school (scary terrifying) and that I started a new job last week. Craziness!

My morning: favorite sweatshirt, cozy boots and winter breeches, some Dutch Bros for caffeine and my pony!

I felt like superwoman today getting everything done. I got up early and went to the barn and rode Jetta. Then I came home to find my email had been hacked and I was locked out. Way to ruin a perfectly wonderful morning. Then I went to work for 6 and a half hours. Got home, fixed my email (with multiple phone calls to the tech department, sigh), showered, went grocery shopping, made dinner (ok, well I microwaved it!), did laundry, did my physics and religions class homeworks, cleaned my room and I'm even writing a blog post (to be posted in the morning)!

I know most people probably do that much in a day, but when you're the laziest person in the world (aka: me) and you'd rather sleep in than wake up early or ride rather than get groceries/do laundry, this was quite the jam-packed day for me! I don't know how people do this on a regular basis, I'm exhausted, lol.

Jetta was a good pony this morning which was good. Yesterday, she was awful. She started out okay, a little heavy, but I didn't feel like I was holding her up and she gradually just got heavier, and heavier and heavier, despite how many transitions, half halts, circles or leg yields I did to get her off her forehand. It was frustrating to say the least. But she redeemed herself this morning.

Misty got to try out the new bit last night. We'll see how it goes in the next couple rides. Nothing was dramatically different, but I'd like to think I felt a difference between the Happy Mouth and the Myler. More on that later. I haven't ridden her dressage in a LONG time and it's amazing to feel how much she's improved since I first got her. Her canter is oodles better. It's always been fairly uphill with plenty of jump to it, but it's gotten rounder and more collected. Way easier to sit too since she's not all strung out and is now using her hind end! 20m circles are tons better too, as is halting straight. The main thing we need to work on is transitions. I ask really quietly... no response... a little bit louder of an ask and I get a "holy $%*& okay I'm transitioning!!!" with her head in the air, so we need to work on that!

Overall, progress is progress with both the girls and I'll take it. I'm looking forward to figuring out a routine and sticking to it so that I can ride everyday in addition to classes and work! We shall see how that works out, I forsee a lot of early morning and late night rides...


  1. It's my birthday month too!!! :)

    1. October's the best month to have a birthday in!

  2. October is my 2nd favorite month (December wins!). Congrats on the vet school app!