Friday, October 4, 2013

Feel the Burn

If you haven't heard about L and Hillary's Two-Point Challenge (which I'm sure you have) you should join! Good motivation to work on my two-point/jumping position. I sadly have done basically all dressage/western for the past several months, so I'm a tad rusty.

I got my baseline yesterday on Jetta. Legs were burning and my back was killing me by the end. Definitely need to build up my strength! It just occurred to me today that I should do some two-point on Misty because it would be SO much easier. No arguing with Jetta about what speed we should be going or trying to convince her that yes, indeed we can trot and two-point at the same time without falling on the forehand. Geez mare.

With that said though, I had a great ride on Jetta yesterday which was perfect because it was my birthday! One of my old roommates from last year who graduated, flew up from California on Wednesday to celebrate with me and so she ended up coming out to the barn with me. I had no class (ok, well a recitation at 7pm) and no work! Amazing. I stuck her on Misty, gave her the "this is how you steer and go and stop" speech and set her loose while I rode Jetta.

They were kind of adorable together

It was adorable. Misty had the slowest. walk. ever. The stall cleaner even commented on how she'd never seen a horse walk slower. Every so often Misty would stop and SC would ask her to walk again. Then she'd stop. Then she'd walk again. It was pretty funny. I tried to get SC to trot but she wasn't up for it. At least I got her on a horse though!

We kept our ride short and sweet since I didn't want to bore SC to death. There's only so much entertainment to be had by walking a horse around an arena! But Jetta was good. Our transitions after our few rides with the kineton (I think I only used it 3 times before she had a fit and fell in it) are incredible. So soft and just "there" when I ask for them. She is in heat and is feeling a little sassy and sensitive which isn't completely unusual for her, but it hasn't happened in a LONG time. I'm wondering if perhaps it's because I took her off the raspberry leaves while she was on "break" or if it's just the typical "rough" ovulation that leads up to their anestrus winter period. We shall see. She pinned her ears a few times and canter transitions were a bit exuberant but otherwise no theatrics.

Hoping that our good rides continue!


  1. I love your mares :) Great baseline!

  2. Happy birthday! That's one good time. :)

    1. Thanks! I was surprised it wasn't as awful as I thought it would be.

  3. Happy Birthday!! So cute how Misty took care of her newbie rider. =-)

  4. Happy birthday! Today is actually my birthday, so it's a good time of year.

    I should really do the two-point challenge, but I won't get much riding done this month until I get my horse through his stable move.

  5. Happy Birthday! Your baseline is already kicking mine in the butt :-)

  6. Happy Birthday!! How fun that your friend was able to come visit and ride with you!!

    Yahoo for good rides! :)