Thursday, October 24, 2013

Blogger Sale

ETA: I've decided to leave this post up until Friday the 8th! If you're interested in anything let me know by then, otherwise I'm putting everything left on consignment at a local tack store...

I figured I might as well try out posting items I have for sale on the blog before I consign everything since that has seemed to work for some people! I have a lot of stuff I need to get rid of... Let me know if you're interested in something. Paypal only. Everything includes shipping!

ECP Wither Relief Fleece Half Pad. Fits a 17-17.5" saddle. Good condition, nice and thick. Just washed it! $75

Gel Pad. Slightly dusty cover, but still in great condition. Really works well, especially if you need a temporary solution before reflocking your saddle. $50

Kincaide Breastplate. Reddish brown color. Good condition. Horse sized. $20.

(will upload pic soon or if interested let me know and I can send you a pic!)

Ariat Tall Dress Boots. These are awesome boots. Despite being very used, they're in fantastic condition. Clean up like new and wear like iron. Comfortable, but no longer fit me. They're a size 8/tall/slim. They've been stretched by a shoe repair place so they're more in-between a slim and a regular calf, 14" around the outside at the widest part. My calf measures about 13.5" and they/re too tight and barely zip up. Full zipper along the back. $120 - I have more pics if you're interested.

Toklat Originals All Purpose Pad. Super cute, black with gray binding and pink piping. Unfortunately don't use it and I need the money, so my loss is your gain. $25

Freshly washed but comes with some free Misty hair and a complementary dusting of barn dirt :)

Herm Sprenger Spurs. 1/4" rounded end. $20

I'm aware the tag says 15, but I added 5 for shipping :)

5.25" Dr. Bristol Baucher. Good bit for a strong horse, just slightly too strong for Jetta. It's all cleaned up but has a patina to it. $40

5.5" Loose Ring Waterford.  Only selling because I decided to go with a D-ring. $25

5.25" French Link Full Cheek. Nice mild bit, comes with keepers. $25
Sorry it's dirty, will clean before shipping

Horsewear Ireland rubber reins. Buckle ends. Brand new, never used. Nice quality havana leather. $30

This but in havana brown

50" contoured leather girth. Elastic at one end. Well used, but has a long life left. $25

78" Weatherbeeta Qualited Stable Blanket. Navy. Really nice and warm, has fit all my QH's and TB that I've put it on, just don't use it any longer. Freshly washed, no rips or repairs needed. Belly surcingle and leg straps, double buckle chest. $40

Looks like this, minus the neck cover. It was all clean and neatly folded so I didn't want to mess it up to take a pic!

Blackwatch Plaid Stable Sheet. Not waterproof. Belly surcingle and leg straps, double buckle chest. Several patches done on the blanket (professional) but has two new small tears, each roughly an inch long. $15

Has three small patches done. Has two additional small, maybe 1" tears on the butt area

Complete western bridle (except for the curb strap) - headstall, curb bit, round braided nylon split reins with horsehair tassel at the end. $30

(will upload pics soon, if interested let me know and I can send them to you!

Easyboot Gloves, size 3W, pair. Comes with power straps, not yet installed. Basically tried on a few times but not really used. $120 (new $144)

Renegade Hoof boot, single. 2WW, apparently too large for Jetta, only used once. Good buy if you want to buy the second boot new or use this one as an emergency for lost shoes. Really neat boot. $70 (new $84.50)

Black crop with swarovski iridescent crystals (pinkish). Super cute! $15

72" Horsewear Newmarket, navy stripe stable blanket. Bought this on sale, thinking that it was the stable sheet, not the blanket. Oops. Never even taken out of the bag. Would prefer to trade for the same thing in the blanket style, but for sale as well. If anyone has a navy Newmarket stable sheet, in size 72-78" I'll buy it from you! $55

IRH Elite Helmet. Size 7 and 1/8. This is my show helmet, so it's not very used, maybe a couple handful of times. NO FALLS. In great condition (I promise it doesn't smell). Low profile so it's a good looking helmet on. A few minor scuffs on the surface from setting it on the ground/not storing it in a helmet bag, but not really noticeable. $150 (bought $229 new)

small white scuffs, don't know how to get them off?

some scuffing on the gray part

Herm Sprenger hackamore, reddish brown. Barely used it as it was Jazz's hackamore so it needs a new home! $50

(will take pics and upload, can email them to you if interested!)

Open to reasonable offers on everything, though keep in mind that the prices include shipping. I'm definitely willing to make a deal if you buy multiple items!


  1. Ooh, I might be interested in the ECP pad -- need to think about how bad I need it tho. Damn money tree isn't growing on my patio yet!!

    1. Haha, let me know when you figure out how to grow that elusive money tree!

  2. Can you send me pictures of the western bridle and the hackamore?

    1. Will do! I'll get them tomorrow and send them to you.