Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hunter Ponies

Have had some great rides on the girls.

Friday was a jumping school on Misty. She was really good. I really need to set up some gymnastics for her. I used barrels for the "standards" and made a baby x with it. She is so cute. She definitely hasn't decided if she likes jumping yet or not. She gives the jumps a hairy eyeball and sucks back a bit but she doesn't try to refuse or run out. Like ever. And I love it! Let's hope she never figures out how to refuse...

Her biggest problem right now is that she takes off too close to the jump so I've been having to "help" her decide where to take off. I ended up upping the jump to a vertical and had her jumping 2'6". She was definitely game, though getting a little tired by the end. I think one of the biggest issues with jumping Misty is me. Since she has (somewhat) flying changes, this means that if I even inadvertently ask for a change, I may get it. Meaning that if I don't sit straight in the saddle, we're probably going to get a change where I don't want one. 

Overall, it was a really good ride and I'm excited to jump her more and see where this goes!

With Jetta, it hasn't been jumping (yet) we've been doing flatwork and I've been doing my best to stretch out my two-point time. I went for the longest time yet today, but was disappointed that it was only 7 minutes long. We'll have to see if I can stretch it out a few minutes longer!

I spent a lot of time just hanging out with Jetta on the ground. I free lunged her then did some liberty work. Lots of cuddles. She started sniffing one of the Halloween decorations, a big fluffy spider, and decided it was AWESOME. She loved it. I was really surprised, I thought once she touched it and it moved, that she'd freak out. But apparently her and spidey are new best friends.

Possibly one of the first non-awkward selfies I've gotten of us, lol.

"Hm, wut iz this??"

"I luffs the spider"

"Oh. Hai."

You know fall is here when you break out the quarter sheet.

My pony is looking good!


  1. Jetta looks amazing. Love the photos with her and the spider.

  2. She looks cute sniffing that spider. :)

  3. Bahahaha Jetta and the spider!

  4. Love the pictures ;) Jetta is so cute with the spider.