Monday, October 28, 2013

Sunshine Award

Thanks to Hillary at Equestrian at Hart!

The sunshine award is for people who 'positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere'. The nominee of this award must do the following, thank the person who nominated them, nominate 10 bloggers of their own, answer the 10 questions given to you, post them, and add the Sunshine Award Button to the blog.

1. Mares or Gelding? I prefer mares, but I like both. It wouldn't be a deal breaker for me either way.
2. English or Western? Both. I guess I've turned more English, but I'm really having fun with Misty Western. I missed it!
3. Do you prefer younger or older horses? Younger. 
4. Have you trained a horse from ground zero? Yes, I've trained a handful of horses from start to finish. My first one I was under the supervision of my trainer but I still did all the work and the rest (including Jetta) were just me!
5. Do you prefer riding or groundwork? I like both. Depends on the day and what I feel like doing.  
6. Do you board your horse or keep him at home? Well, that's a little bit up in the air at the moment (more on this later) but I've been boarding for the past three years but before that I kept them at home.
7. Do you use all natural things or just commercial stuff (the products you use)? Both, I like the idea of using more natural things, but as long as it works I'll use it.
8. All tacked up or bareback? Both. I ride Jetta mostly with tack because she has the most awful withers of all time.
9. Equestrian role model? Not sure I really have one, I admire a lot of the upper level riders, but honestly don't follow anyone that closely. 
10. What's your one main goal while being in the horse world? Not quite sure how to answer this one, I just hope to keep improving!

My 10 nominees. I tried to pick those that hadn't been nominated, but I think that I failed miserably in that respect!

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