Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Winter Blues

Already. It's been about a month of cold weather and I'm already yearning for sunshine and warm days! Six months to go... It makes it harder that it's been pretty wet out so the trails are a no-go since they are all clay, thus they are quite slippery at the moment. Plus, even if I could ride outside it gets dark out so incredibly early that by the time I get to the barn it's almost pitch black outside.

It's even harder when there are no horsey things to do besides ride. Yes, there are lessons. But no shows, no more clinics with big trainers, no expos, nada. I keep seeing all sorts of stuff on other's blogs, Facebook, Eventing Nation (definitely not helping!), etc. I want to be competing right now! I wish there were big expos on the West Coast or a giant horse show I could go watch. Hmph.

Anyways, I do actually have a few fun things planned. Number one is clipping Jetta. I'm so excited! This may be a rather strange thing to be excited about, but this will be the first time I've clipped Jetta. I'm really hoping that it will turn out nice! On Wednesday I'm going to clip Katy for her owners, she's mostly white so it will be a little more forgiving than on Jetta. Thursday morning I'm planning on doing Jetta and it seriously can't get here fast enough!

I am thinking something like this for Jetta.

Then, fun thing number two is that ML and I are going to haul over to a big indoor trail course. I'm interested to see what Jetta will think of all the ditches, bridges, ponds, waterfall, etc. as while I did a lot of competitive trail with Jazz, I haven't really worked with Jetta on any of it. So stay tuned for "Western Trail Pony Returns"! Or possibly, "How I Got Broken" if Jetta decides that she really doesn't like that scary ditch on the trail course...


  1. Feeling your pain, working full time during the winter is the pits.

    The indoor trail course sounds awesome, have fun- and don't get hurt!

  2. I also feel your pain. I already feel so rushed in my day and it isn't even getting dark before 4pm yet. Winter sucks!!

    Good luck clipping! I am going to hold off because I hope Lucy won't be as bonkers if she has her full coat. I did pick up a hair dryer to help get her dry when it's cold out after a workout.

  3. Kate - I've always wanted one of those kind of industrial large animal vacuum/blowers! That would make drying and cleaning them up so easy, though I'm not quite sure my horses would let me use it on them...