Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Curse You Smartpak!

First off, I love SmartPak. How could a tack whore connoisseur like me not love them? Their great products, their attractive marketing, the good prices, the sales, the customer service, the free shipping, the.... you get the idea.

Then they come out with their "Look Books". They had a fall one and I just got an email today with their Winter Look Book. What is wrong with these? Well, nothing at first. You flip through it and see all the beautiful and stylish outfits. What you might not recognize right away is that every single outfit is at least $500 or more. There was one that was $400 and I think I counted three that were over a $1000.

Oh SmartPak, why do you do this to me? You entice me with these wonderful outfits and beautiful clothing items. And then I realize that I could never afford any of these outfits...

Of course, there are a few items that I can afford. Namely socks and gloves. But at least they're nice to look at!


  1. I honestly think some of the prices of the clothes they have (Dubarry, Kingsland, etc) is disgusting. Even if I could afford them, I wouldn't purchase them.

  2. They are EXCELLENT starting places to know HOW you want to look, like looking through an equestrian Vogue mag! Then you can go get the "budget" versions. Land's End has some nice vests and a similar sweater for $40-$60 each. The thing about pricey clothes is that sometimes they are not good quality. I will pay up for some brands because they will last FOREVER (Tailored Sportsman, Ralph Lauren, Ariat boots) so it will be a one-time buy for a long while. But even then, a pair of TS breeches, a polo from the outlet store, and the basic Ariat boots will still come up under $500 if you go for the basic kind and don't go over the top and know where to look. So, yes, $1000 for an outfit is absolutely ridiculous! Especially when you can get something just as good, and maybe even better quality, for much cheaper.

  3. I didn't look at the book. I knew it would be bad for me, so there wasn't much of a point. :-/

  4. Dressager - yes, very true! Mainly I look at them just because they're pretty and you're right, they do give you good ideas to go buy some cheaper stuff.