Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Came Early

That's how I feel... like Christmas came early. I got a new pony! In case you hadn't heard yet :) It makes me very excited to have a new project to work on. So meet the new guy, aka The Beast.

 He is the cutest thing ever, but a huge tubba-tubba lard, I've got my work cut out for me! Currently taking bets on his weight! I'm guessing around 1800 with a BCS of at least an 8, but closer to a 9. I didn't have my weight tape on hand, but I'm going to bring it with me and see exactly how fat he really is this weekend. And I think he's already about 16 hands, which means he's going to be taller than Katy!

He hasn't gotten worked with as much as Katy had when I first got her. He's halter broke, but not very well as he doesn't really respect or understand pressure on the halter. He's incredibly spooky, but so was Katy. We'll work through it. He kinda loads in the trailer ok and he'll pick up his feet well. He's got the same beautiful footsies that Katy had which is nice that they don't need any help. After our photo shoot I was leading him back to the barn and almost got run over by him because one of my brother's turkeys gobbled.

The offending turkey

It was a beautiful fall day!

He has adapted really well and is already mega-attached to Grady. While it's not great that he's attached at the hip, it's better than the alternative of Grady not accepting him and beating the you-know-what out of him. This is the first time that Grady has ever been pastured with a gelding - he still thinks he's a stallion and routinely challenges the geldings across the street - so I was worried that he'd not want another gelding in his pasture. My parents said that he almost immediately accepted him though! I think he's just glad to have a buddy :)

Bestest buddies EVER!

The Pond Puppy - aka Glory
After running around the pasture with
the new guy in tow, she went for a dip in the
nasty pond. Silly pup!
On a related note, I still haven't decided on a name for him. The current front runners at home are Loki or Tonka, but usually a name just "clicks" for me, so it's frustrating that I can't come up with anything that I like! I have decided on his show name though, that smazourek came up with - Queen's Talisman, since it combines his dam's and sire's names, which I always like. Any other ideas? He's ginormous and a bit (well, more than a bit) of a dork, if that helps you any :)


  1. congrats on the new horse! how exciting!

  2. He is pretty cute (and huge). You guys will have lots of fun. My horses always come with silly names and I never change them (someone told me it was bad luck!) so I won't be any help. Seriously, my horse's name is Scarface...

  3. Awww bless him! He almost looks like a "Norman" to me (a nerdy name and the name of the Normans who invaded England in 1066 - a big force to contend with - now that I think about it) but that's just me. He's a nice fella though!

  4. What a gorgeous boy! Congrats.!! I'm sure you'll have fun working with him

  5. Nice! I'm glad you liked that name :)

    As for a barn name how about Mammoth? He's ginormous! I can't wait to read about your progress with him.

  6. OH.MY.LORD. He is phenomenal!! Congrats!! What is he??? Breed wise?

  7. Thanks everyone! Kristen - he's half Gypsy Vanner and half PMU Clydesdale, meaning he's registerable as a Gypsy Drum Horse.
    Smazourek - I thought about naming him Manny the Mammoth like from Ice Age the movie, but everyone in my household vetoed it, though I must admit it didn't quite fit ;)