Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ultimate Christmas List

First of all, yes you did read the title correctly. This does indeed say "Christmas List" and I never got around to posting this before, so I guess I should have renamed it something else (probably "Impractical Wish List"), but oh well. This is basically my "extreme" want list. Aka what I would buy or ask for if money was no option. There's really not a ton of things I'm feeling an extreme "need" for right now, so this is going way a tad overboard. But a girl can dream, right?!

#1 - Aqua breeches. I'm sure many of you might cringe in horror at the thought of electric blue breeches, but I love them! Aqua is my cross country color and while it is slowing becoming more popular, I still have a lot of trouble finding things in my shade. While I've certainly seen pictures of breeches made by US companies  in this color, I cannot find them for sale anywhere. But they have all sorts in Europe apparently! Now if only I could find them from a shop that ships to the US...

Harrys Horse breeches

#2 - Really neat patterned open front boots. I'm pretty sure I might buy these for Jetta. I just think they'd look super cool.

Palermo Tendon boots

#3 - This jacket. OMG. I don't know if I'd be brave enough to wear this in the ring (ok, actually I probably would for jumpers) but if it was available in my size, I just might have bought it. Originally I saw it on Pinterest** with a bunch of other matching tack which is now unfortunately discontinued, but there were even standing combo wraps in this floral print. Too cute!

Floral competition jacket
#4 - More aqua. I really love this saddle pad. I've found two different companies that make aqua saddle pads, but they're very... plain. I just love square as opposed to round corners (it's the little things I tell you) so I wish I could get this pad, but it looks like it might have been discontinued?

Scapa sports aqua saddle pad

#5 - Plaid show shirt. Again, for showing in jumpers when I decide not to wear a jacket. This shirt is just too cute. It combines two of my favorite colors - pink and aqua. I also adore large print florals (I'm just a little obsessed). It's got everything I love! Except the price tag.

Middy N Me Sweet Virginia Shirt

#6 - Camo breeches. Ok, this is a little weird, but I have to say that I actually really like these breeches! They're funky and fun for schooling.

Accademia Italiana camo breeches
#7 - Ariat Heritage Fashion Quilted Knee Patch Breech. This is something that's actually on my REAL want list. I love the mulled wine color - I've recently been on a plum/wine/burgundy kick and this fits the bill! I need more schooling breeches.

Ariat Heritage Fashion Quilted breeches

#8 - Joules Creme Floral Printed Polo. Again with the floral pattern. Love it.

Joules Creme Floral polo

#9 - Tara Kiwi Gaits of the Horse sweatshirt. So, this would never make it around horses because it would instantly become filthy, but I think it's super cute for wearing places other than the barn!

Cavalcade sweatshirt

#10 - Lister Star Clippers (in either Turquoise or Purple, I can't decide). I've finally decided to get real body clippers. These have gotten good reviews so this is on my real want list. I think it may be something I'll buy myself as a present soon, lol.

OMG so amazing.

#11 - Jumps. I only have plastic jump blocks and barrels so in the spirit of my "do it yourself" at home kind of thing we've got going on, bigger/nicer jumps would be awesome. I'd like a panel or gate of some kind, a roll top (of the stadium and cross country variety), maybe a cross country log while we're at it, and some of these neat oxer jump standards. And of course I'd need new poles to go with it, preferably striped ones.

Found on this blog

#12 - Tall Brown Boots for schooling. I'm hoping these are a "someday soon" purchase, maybe after selling Misty? But I'm just in love with these Mundial's and I need something to ride in besides my Dubarry's and my show boots.

#13 - I'd really like to get a pearl browband for the double bridle that I hope to someday show Jetta in, despite how far off that seems right now. I like how classy pearls look. People on Horses and Vespucci (pictured) both make a really nice pearl one.

Vespucci double pearl browband

#14 - A GoPro Helmet camera. I think this would be awesome to record some of our trail rides and cross country runs!

Have to do more research, but I'm assuming something like this

#15 - Aqua blue biothane breastplate. Gotta complete our endurance outfit!

Found on ebay

#16 - Rider International Exquisite Dressage Pad in gray with turquoise and purple braid trim. Love this.

So many good colors in this pad

I could probably go on and on and on... But there you have it, a few of the things I'd buy or ask for as presents if money was no option ;)

**As a side note, I don't know how many of you use Pinterest, but I'm obsessed with it and I'd love to follow other horsey people if you have one! If you want to follow me, I'm here. I have equestrian/barn boards in addition to other random boards. Just a thought!


  1. Our tastes are way different (florals.. blech!) but I like the aqua breeches :P

    1. Haha, definitely different styles. I looove my florals. I just like girly horse stuff I guess even though I'm not super girly in general.

  2. Def like different stuff and styles than you but cool list! :) I feel like I read something about not being able to wear go pros at competitions anymore? Maybe I'm wrong.

    1. Yeah, that's true. I think you have to get special permission now to use them in competition. But I could still use it when schooling :)

  3. I LOVE that gaits sweatshirt! I think I might have to purchase it off of your "extreme want" list :)

  4. I'm on pinterest, too, AS Paola Pedranti. I'll go follow you! Also, I've seen instructions on how to make jumps and pinned them on my DIY board, so if you like to make things yourself, it may be a cheaper alternative. Just a thought!

  5. Replies
    1. Get it! That way I can vicariously live through you :)

  6. Ooooh, I LOVE those jumping boots and that coat!

  7. I want almost all of that, but Diva really needs those jump boots, so cute!

    1. Jetta and Diva can match in those boots :) I think they also have them in a more silver color which would complement Diva quite nicely!