Monday, January 20, 2014

Much Happier

I am a much happier person when I get to ride. I was in a fantastic mood today with my pony time in combination with the sunshine finally coming out and getting rid of all the gloomy fog that's been hanging around.

Sunny drive

I spent a good two hours at the barn, first lunging Jetta then riding Misty and cleaning both their stalls.

Jetta was zoomy on the lunge, speed trotting around but eventually she settled down and had a nice stretchy trot. I think we'll stick to lunging with side reins for the week and try to get some relaxation back and get her using her muscles correctly. After a month of basically no riding I feel like we're going to be starting right back at square one. Sigh...

Stretchy pony

Misty was good. I rode her western in a bosal for the first time. At first she thought that she had no steering and we were walk/trotting around the arena like a couple of drunks (luckily we weren't riding with anyone else!) but eventually she figured out the steering and cues and we had a nice jog on a loose rein.

She was absolutely fascinated by her reflection in the mirrors. There's four little mirrors around the arena and every time we passed one she had to bring her head up and turn to look at herself go by, lol. I stopped and let her eyeball her reflection for a minute and it was just too cute how she sniffed and turned her head this way and that in the mirror.

"Who is that?"

And as promised, more pictures!

Official barn members - name plates!

The arena
Jetta in her run
Misty nomming in her stall
The lower (main) barn where the ponies are!


  1. Barn time is thhhhhe beeest!

    Misty is sooooo cute in her bosal!

  2. You won't really be at square one, although I'm sure it feels like that now. Glad you are riding again!

  3. Horsey time could make anyone happy. :-). Jetta looks really nice in that photo. The barn looks awesome. I love the stall name plates.