Friday, January 31, 2014

Pony Time is the Best Time

While this week hasn't been super great in horse-y terms, it's still been nice to have the horses close so I can see them on a daily basis.

I've been so bad at blogging lately, so sparks-note style of this week:

Monday - Rode Misty, lunged Jetta. Jetta is looking much better on the lunge line and I was planning on riding her on Tuesday. She can maintain a nice speed and self carriage and has mostly stopped spooking at the non-existent scary stuff in the arena. I also really appreciated our cuddle time as my week got off to a rocky start and has steadily declined ever since...

What I walked into on Monday

Jetta was not amused that I was interrupting her nap

Tuesday - Crunch time for midterms so I decided not to ride. Just turned the horses out in the sunshine while I cleaned stalls. Jetta loves getting turned out now, which I think is really amusing because they're little dry-lot paddocks maybe twice the size of the stalls+paddocks. Nothing to eat, the horses are by themselves. But at least it's a change of scenery and Jetta really seems to appreciate that!

Wednesday - Midterms plus work all day so I didn't go to the barn at all. I didn't even get to clean stalls unfortunately. The only thing I don't like about the barn is the barn hours. With class starting at 9am and the midterm ending at 8:30pm and the barn hours being 9am to 9pm... Yeah, doesn't quite work with my schedule sometimes.

Thursday - Since Jetta got two days off, I lunged her first to try and decide if I should ride her or not... Nope! She was crazayy. I was barely able to snap the side reins on before she exploded. Bucking, spooking, tossing her head, you name it. She was wired. We'll hold off on the riding for a little bit longer... I took my time cleaning stalls since they were filthy. Also, no better treatment for a hangover than splashing your horse's nasty water in your face while trying to empty it, right?

Today I am probably going to ride Jetta. We shall see. I'm hoping she got the craziness out yesterday and will be manageable today. Wish me luck!


  1. Blegh, midterms, glad you survived and you got your pony time in :)

  2. I feel like my week was crazy too and that all my weekends in Feb are booked- ugh it's getting in the way of horse time!!

    Hope you can get a ride in soon!!