Monday, January 13, 2014

27 Questions for Winter

Ok, so it's not really that cold here at the moment so I can't name this like Tracy or Carly. We had our one week of 0 degree and below weather and now are back up to "normal" cold weather temps. But I have no interesting things to blog about, so questions! You'll probably see a lot of these posts coming up in the next week. Officially set a day for the 19th to move the girls to the new barn. So excited!

1. Favorite thing about riding? The challenge. The feeling of working with a horse when everything (or at least most everything) is going well.

2. Green horse or trained horse? Green horse. The less training the better. Then you don't have to fix anything and it's easier to install the "buttons" the way you like them. But it's still really nice to get on a well trained horse from time to time.

3. Have you ever wanted to quit riding? No. I couldn't ever imagine not riding. Frustrated and wonder why I do this? Yes but never wanted to quit.

4. Do you prefer to ride inside or outside? Outside! But I don't like riding in the rain. And it's nice to have a cover when it's super hot out. If I had to choose one to ride in for the rest of my life though, it would be outdoors though since I could never give up my trail rides!

5. How many times a week do you ride? Right now nada. Well, maybe one at most. Usually, around four or five.

6. Have you ever fallen off at a show? How? Oh yes. Let's see... once I was cantering around the warm up ring and Jazz decided to duck out the open gate. I went one way, while she went the other. This is why helmets are amazing, I went head first through the fence! Then I got right back on. And then there was the time with Tux we just were leaving the dressage ring on a loose rein after winning our dressage equitation class and he bucked, I went flying.

7. Do you have a private or group lesson? Both. Jumping lessons are group, dressage lessons are private.

8. In your opinion does it make you less of a rider if you don't own a horse? No. Like what Carly from Poor Woman Showing said, I think it makes you less of a rider if you only show up to ride and don't do any of the hard work "behind the scenes" that goes into horses.

9. Do you plan on having horses in your life, for the rest of your life? Definitely!

10. If you could ride any famous horse (dead or alive) who would it be? Why? Snowman. He just sounds like an awesome horse. I love horses with quirks like his only jumping on a loose rein. He just sounds like an all around great guy, I loved hearing about him with his owner's kids all riding him bareback and going swimming.

11. Does winning ribbons matter to you? Yes. I love winning ribbons. I'm super competitive. But I try to compete against myself and I don't get too upset about losing (or at least I try not to).

12. Worst riding experience? I haven't really had too many bad riding experience. Probably the worst was falling out with my first riding trainer. Huge blow up and that was the end of our relationship. It was sad.

13. Describe a time when you wanted another equestrian to fail at something – Uhh, I can't remember a specific time, but there's always those one or two people who are super snooty you always compete with and they're not all that great of riders and you just want them to fail to take them down a notch. This sounds bad and I think I'm normally a nice person, just sometimes there's those people who get under your skin.

14. Describe the proudest or happiest moment you can think of in your riding career – Geez, I feel like I haven't had any super amazing moments, but so far I think winning my class at a dressage league show at First level this summer with a competitive class was super great. Also, completing Jetta's first recognized horse trial without getting eliminated was awesome.

15. Do you think any disciplines are cruel? Which one(s) and why? No, no discipline is. But certain methods that are prevalent in those disciplines or circuits can be.

16. Your worst riding habit? On Jetta, I lean forward. Only on her and it makes me seem like I can't ride. I have no idea why and it irritates me and all the trainers I work with to death.

17. When you’re in the show ring, what’s going through your mind? My test or course. And I'm trying to remember to breathe, though that doesn't always work out so well. And usually if I'm jumping I'm also mentally cussing when we chip in or refuse or I forget my course lol.

18. If you owned a barn, would you try for a laid back casual atmosphere, or a professional fast paced one? A combination of both. I would want it to be very welcoming and comfortable, but also very professional and clean and well run.

19. I give you a $2,000 gift card to your favorite tack store/online retailer, what do you buy? I would put it towards a CWD jumping saddle! I could probably buy one used online somewhere...

20. You’re riding in an arena at home with several other riders, and one of them obviously doesn’t know the rules of the ring, even though they’re posted. The others are clearly annoyed, would you do anything? I wouldn't say anything. Because I'm super quiet and non-confrontational and I wouldn't want them to hate me lol. I would just hope someone else would say something!

21. Worst fear riding? That I'll look like I don't know what I'm doing or that I'll embarrass myself. I'm not afraid of much, just self conscious.

22. How old do you imagine you’ll be when you stop riding, and what’s the cause? Hopefully I'll be super old and when I stop riding I'll probably be dead. 

23. If you could own any number of horses, would they all be the same discipline or a mix? Mix. Obviously based on this blog, I could never just choose one discipline!

24. Favorite colors for your horse? Aqua blue and navy blue. Though currently I'm also obsessed with how plum and gray look on Jetta.

25. Favorite tack brand? Don't have a favorite at the moment, but anything high quality pretty much!

26. If given the opportunity would you breeze a race horse? YES. I really hope someday someone will give me the opportunity since it's a dream of mine and it's on my bucket list. Really want to!

27. Three ‘You know you’re an equestrian when…’

You know you're an equestrian when your most expensive clothing items are all for riding. 

You know you're an equestrian when your home and/or car is also used for storing tack. 

You know you're an equestrian (and also not a morning person) when getting up for work or class early is a major struggle but you have no problem popping out of bed at 3am to get ready for a horse show.

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  1. That last "you know you're an equestrian when" made me laugh. That is so me! :D