Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tack Sale Goodies

Have I mentioned that I love used tack sales? I love them. And I'm super lucky that there's three good tack sales in my area. There's the big one in Canby, the Lane County one and then the local dressage chapter hosts one. I am planning on attending all of them, lol.

Last weekend was the first of the three. I didn't need a ton of stuff. I took $100 (amazingly enough, I didn't even spend it all!) and had a short list of things I was allowed to buy. If I could find Misty a new turnout blanket that would be good, turnout blanket neck covers are needed too for both girls. A new curb bit for Misty, a gray or purple dressage pad, and side reins were also on my list.

Of course I didn't stick completely to my list. I ended up buying a nice mane hair mecate for my bosal. I've had the bosal for a while, but haven't been able to justify spending $100+ on the exact mecate that I wanted. So when I ran across a fairly nice one in the exact colors that I wanted for $40, I jumped on it. Funnily enough while I was standing there thinking about buying it, my trainer friend JF saw it as well and said if I didn't buy it she would!

So purdy

Then of course I did find a nice new bit for Misty that she'll hopefully like and some leather split reins to go along with them. Now I just have to dig up a headstall for it to go on. I got a brand new blue stall guard for $10 which I couldn't pass up. I was just at the feed store and saw the exact same one for $40. I don't understand how these simple contraptions are so expensive!

I did find the side reins I wanted to buy for $5, but unfortunately didn't buy them when I first saw them since they were in the first booth and I wanted to look around more. Mistake. When I came back they were gone :(

Turnout blankets were almost non-existant there. I'll have to wait for the Canby tack sale on that one.

There never is a whole lot of english tack, but you can always find a few treasures. For example, some FITS breeches that looked barely worn for $60! What a good deal, that's about $200 off the brand new price. Unfortunately they were a medium and I need a small (though I am somewhat in between sizes, so they would have worked), plus they were an olive green which I did not like. Now if they had been brown, I probably would have gotten them anyways, a little bit too large who cares!

I passed up a gorgeous western noseband. It was rolled leather with a woven horsehair and beaded accent in the middle. So pretty... but I already have a pretty rawhide noseband and certainly don't need a second. It was hard to walk away from. I should have bought a set of pretty plum colored polos that were a dollar and some box fan hangers, but I ended up forgetting to go back for them which was a bummer. Overall, as always, a good sale. Personally I think I should be a personal shopper, I always find the greatest things at tack sales! Anyone need anything? ;)

The next sales are March 15th (Canby) and 16th (Dressage). Hopefully I'll be able to keep my spending in check and find good stuff at both of them! Not that I really need all that much... maybe some new dressage leathers... and a turnout blanket... if I could find another Micklem bridle I'd get that... and elastic side reins... oh and more dressage saddle pads....

I think I have a problem.


  1. I wish we had good used sales here!!!

    Seems like you got some great things!!!

  2. I'm jealous of your tack sales!

    One can *NEVER* have too many saddle pads!;)

    1. True, but it becomes a problem when you have nowhere to store them lol!

  3. We don't really have any good used tack sales here, so I'm jealous of yours. And I think you're not alone in your "problem" tack shopping. ;)

  4. commenters who don't have tack should arrange one at your barn and invite the can get such great deals!!

    Love tack sales!

    1. Yeah, people should start their own! I remember being part of the 4H group that started the lane county tack sale. It was super tiny but now it's held in a giant arena that they rent with tons of vendors. Since it's a fundraiser they charge $20 per booth for vendors and $2 admissions. And advertising is was only done by Facebook and craigslist.

  5. The big tack sale around here is coming up and I am so pumped! Hopefully I find great deals like you did!

  6. I wish we had one of those. It sounds brilliant.

  7. Great finds, I love the mecate reins!