Friday, January 24, 2014


Gah, the weather has been so nice lately! It's killing me not to have access to trails or a truck right now. My dad had to take my truck because his vehicle died, so I am transportationless :(

It's been a good week with the horses, though I haven't gotten to ride as much as I like, as per usual. I wrote about my Monday, so here's the rest of the week:

Tuesday: both horses just got lunged to stretch their legs.

Wednesday: I felt bad on Wednesday I was in such a time crunch that I couldn't get anyone out and just cleaned stalls. Misty was lucky (probably not in her view though!) that my friend ML came out with another friend who boards at the barn and she asked if she could ride a horse so I told her to go get on Misty!

Thursday: Again with the lunging

Friday: Then finally today I rode Misty and lunged Jetta.

Misty was good, though I think she probably got in trouble for being lazy with ML because she was FORWARD. After warming up at a walk I put my leg on and we almost took off at mach10 across the arena. Whee!!! After some 20 m circles she settled down and was really good. The main thing we need to work on at the moment is consistency in the bridle and also getting more bend to the right. She kind of wants to counterflex when we're tracking right so we need to make it so I don't have to work so hard to keep her bent properly.

Alert horse is very alert. And look at those pretty legs! No feathery trunks now.

 Her weight is looking fantastic right now, though ML did call her fat (rude! lol). But now we can just work on adding muscle and fitness. She finally has the Quarter Horse butt going on though! Now we'll fit in at the sorting/ranch horse events ;)

So much better. I should do a comparison post... She gained the 100 pounds I wanted her to and then some!

Both horses got all trimmed up. I did their fetlocks, muzzles, lady beards and bridle paths. They were looking rough, but are all prettied up again. I also shaved Jetta's one white sock and re-clipped Misty's front socks. She gets crazy long hair on her legs, bordering on feathering. I decided to do her hind legs as well, which I'm not sure I should have... it definitely didn't turn out as well as her front socks, partly because she doesn't have "socks" because the white travels all the way up the leg and I stopped clipping at the hock. Oh well, at least I'm not taking her anywhere for the next couple weeks so it can grow back a bit and now she doesn't have cankles!

All trimmed up and enjoying the sunshine

Those ears...