Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Now that there's a semi-concrete plan in place, I'm really excited that the horses will be back up in a barn close to me with an indoor arena where I'll be able to ride regularly! I still need to call the BO and set up a day, also coordinate with a friend who is going to help bring some alfalfa for Miss Misty and another friend who is going to loan a hay elevator because of course the hay has to go in the loft and there's no way *I'm* toting 80+ pound bales up the stairs!

It's not going to be as soon as I'd like, at the earliest next weekend or the week following on a Tuesday or Thursday when I don't have class/work. I would have loved to bring them up this weekend, but I'll be gone for a couple days next week so I shouldn't bring them to a partial care barn just to leave again due to stall cleaning having to be done, because.... out of state vet school interview!!

I'll be going up to Washington State University next Wednesday (well up on Tuesday, back on Thursday). I'm so incredibly excited and nervous for this. It's awesome that I got an out of state interview because that's at least the first step in the door. Or at least near the door? I'm trying not to get too excited about it because I don't want to be absolutely crushed if I don't get in, which it's very likely I won't since with several hundred applicants they only take barely 30 out of state students. It also takes an average of 3 tries to get into vet school and my GPA is on the low end of the acceptable range.

I also got an interview at my in state vet school which I have a better chance at getting into. Fingers crossed for both!

So I'm excited (and crazy nervous) for all sorts of things right now.

And a bonus, funny story of the day:

For some reason, the horses have really been liking leaning over the fence at the moment. The whole time they've been home the electric fence has been off because it's so broken and my parents were planning on redoing the whole pasture's fencing and actually started on it right before I brought the horses home. I guess they just figured it out that the hotwire was off. Anyways, Misty's blanket has clips on the front closure and for the SECOND time in a row, she has clipped herself to the fence and one of my parents has had to go rescue her when they couldn't find her and heard her whinnying for help. So now they're going to duct tape the clips and we'll pretend she has a closed front blanket now! Silly horse.

Oh Misty Moo. At least you're cute.


  1. Congrats on your vet school interviews! They are definitely tough to get in to, but remember the people who interview you are just normal people too and they want you to succeed!

    1. Thanks! Usually I'm fine with interviews, but it's a weird format and I just get irrationally nervous about stuff like this.

  2. Good luck with the interview! You'll be great.

  3. Yes, Misty, you are very cute.

  4. Cuteness makes up for shenanigans!

  5. Exciting times - Good luck with the interview :)

  6. I am sure that you will get into the perfect school for you! Rock those interview girl!