Thursday, January 2, 2014


I'm sure you've probably noticed that I've been in a bit of a funk this past month. Both in terms of riding horses and blogging. I don't know what it's been, but I've been so out of riding recently. This tends to happen off and on over winter for a day or two every so often, maybe up to a week tops before I get back into the swing of things just because of the weather, but it's seriously been a month. I am starting to be concerned. While I love seeing the horses and cuddling with them, I just haven't been feeling the desire to ride. At all. When I first moved the horses home, I hated it because I wanted to ride so bad but I didn't have the time. Now, it's just whatever.

Conveniently just saw this on Pinterest. I think the first part is very applicable for me right now!

So as it is a new year, I decided that my first action would be to get rid of this funk. It has to go. I decided yesterday that regardless of weather (it was super foggy on the first) I was going to go for a trail ride. It just had to happen.

And I'm really glad that it did. It had a ROUGH start. It's kind of a long story:

First off, our driveway is really small. It takes a fair amount of finagling to turn the truck and trailer around and if there's other vehicles in the driveway, there's no way to do it and my brother left his truck at home with no spare key... Which meant that I had to drive down the hill through the forest and through the bottom gate of the pasture.

Did all that and then went to get Miss Jetta. Who saw me and immediately galloped in the opposite direction. Brat. I had to walk up to the barn and grab some grain to bribe her over. This is why this horse needs to be ridden often. She has enjoyed her time off way too much.

I tacked her up and then went to get her in the trailer. She would not go. For like the next half hour we bickered over it. She hasn't been this bad for like three years almost. She was rearing and tearing around and being an all around terror. Misty was even trying to be helpful and was sniffing the trailer so I asked her to get in and she hopped right in without a halter or anything, then I asked her to get out, thinking that Jetta would see sense and realize that the trailer was not a death trap. Jetta still wouldn't get it. Eventually I did win, but by this point I was starting to reevaluate my decision to go for a ride...

Then I had to drive the trailer through the pasture gate without letting Misty out who by this point was having a conniption fit over the fact that Jetta was leaving. Of course the gate is wide enough that I can drive the trailer through and there's still room for Misty to come through, so once I got through a little bit I had the truck door open so I could keep shooing her away. At one point she came all the way through so I jumped out of the seat to chase her away (no way was I letting her onto the road!), forgetting to put the truck in park and while I was getting Misty to go back it started slowly rolling away...

Luckily I finally got it all together, Misty didn't escape, the truck didn't roll away from me and Jetta was in the trailer. Phew. We went to my favorite horse park for a ride and ended up going for a seven mile ride in an hour and ten minutes. Jetta was REALLY good. She walked over all the bridges without me having to get off, by the end with no hesitation. She jumped over all the fallen tree trunks and went in the water. It was a great ride!

In da river

Really neat new trail we found


  1. Ugh. I can definitely relate to this one, especially the trailer loading issues. I will be putting a post up about my adventures shortly! Good job geting out and riding.

  2. I'm in a funk too, you're not alone. I'm totally in the mood to hibernate :-)

  3. Total funk right here! Wishing I had an indoor, a heated indoor!! Glad you made it out, and that Misty didn't!!!

  4. its the weather...good on you for trying to get out of that funk!

  5. My arena had been sheeted in ridiculous unridable ice for a solid month. Traditionally, winter in Idaho is January, which means despite the wasted month of December, I'm basically staring at another solid month of paying board and doing nothing.

    I'm over it. So sick of cold and ice and winter and everything.

  6. Hope you get out of your funk soon! I took some Vitamin D when I was feeling like that and it really helped.

  7. I'm glad you had a good ride. Hope you can get out of this funk!

  8. Getting out of the winter funk is the worst! Glad you pulled it together to get on and ride around a little. I completely appreciate where your mind has been lately.

  9. Thanks everyone! Hopefully moving to a place with an indoor arena soon will really help.