Monday, April 1, 2013

Water Crossing

Just wanted to add this video in, see the full post about our trail ride from earlier today! Proof that we did indeed cross the water and didn't just stand and take photos that made it look like we were in the water but weren't.

It's very shaky so if you get motion sickness easily, don't watch it, lol.

I had to steer her across one handed (she doesn't neck rein... yet) and she wanted to go downstream, I wanted to go upstream, plus the current was really strong and pushing her towards the bank. But we survived :)


  1. Good effort, Queenie! Those are some nice trails. I'm jelly.

  2. That is a serious business water crossing! I'm impressed :)

  3. Dom - I know right? This was the biggest I'd seen the river since I always go in the summer and the current was strong!

  4. Water crossings scare me, ha. Good job!