Thursday, April 4, 2013


Lots of little things happening this week and I completely lack inspiration for a relevant post title. Oh well.

I decided on a spur of the moment to enter a dressage league show on the 20th. Hope we'll be ready for it by then! It's fairly close and even though I missed the closing date they still had room for me. I've never been to this facility so I'm just hoping the footing is nicer there than at the last place I went to.

I'm just so excited for this spring and summer. There are so many shows I'm hoping and planning to go to, I can't wait! I'm doing a jumping lesson with KO on the 21st after our dressage show and I have possibly two or three shows that I want to attend in May. Hopefully I just don't run out of money - shows are such a drain on the finances.

Short toe, long toe. Looks so much better trimmed now!

Both ponies got their hooves trimmed. Queenie was in desperate need of a trim, her hooves were quite long. My trimmer AC could only come out Tuesday or Thursday this week and since I didn't want to wait, I decided I could squeeze in on Tuesday in my hour and forty minute break between classes right? Not a very smart decision on my part - it's a forty minute drive both ways and trimming Queenie took longer than I thought it would since her hooves were so long, whereas Jetta just needed her back feet rolled with the rasp and her fronts trimmed a tiny bit. Luckily, my twenty minute tardiness went unnoticed for my class so it worked out ok :)

My two girls had the big grassy pasture all to themselves

I rode Jetta and lunged/bathed Queenie yesterday. Jetta was very good. I did Queenie first and so when I left Jetta in the big pasture by herself she stirred up the geldings next to her and pranced/galloped back and forth along the fenceline. It was pretty funny - she was having a grand old time and the geldings were huffing and puffing to keep up with her. She was barely warm when I brought her in :) But at least she got all her excess energy out.

Queenie was also very good. I cross tied her for the first time in the wash rack. I've just been having her ground tie since she was scared of the hose touching her so every time I needed to wash her right side she'd panic. We've been working on that a lot so I felt that she'd be fine for today and she was! She eyed the hose whenever it touched her but there was no spooking. I also clipped her bridle path for the first time. She was perfect up until the point that I thought "Wow! She's being so good for this, I bet she wouldn't mind me doing her ears." Ha. After that she didn't want me touching her poll period so we'll need to work on that a few more times. 

I tried to get a nice conformation picture of her, but taking pictures by your lonesome isn't the best way to go about it...

This one would be my favorite, if her nose didn't get chopped off.

"You want me to pose?"

"Hey look, a penny!"

"Don't I look purdy?"

"Meh. I don't like this whole picture taking thing."

"Om nom nom"

I'll take it! Ears forward and mostly standing normally.


  1. Queenie is adorables!! Good luck for the show!!

  2. LOL, yes taking conformation pics alone is hard. Exciting about the show!

  3. Glad you decided to do the show! What will you be taking Jetta in?

    Queenie looks great! So large. So cute!

    1. We're going to do Training 3 and First 1 again :)

  4. Damn! She is one fine looking lady! But then I have always loved draft horses.

    1. Haha, thanks, I think she is pretty good looking myself :)