Monday, April 29, 2013

Follow Up

So for follow up to yesterday's post.

The things I need to work on with Jetta:

  • Steadier in the bridle
    • I thought we improved a lot in this respect since our last show, but obviously we aren't 100% confirmed. I think what will help is having a little bit quieter hands and seat (maybe I need to finally get some of those FITS breeches and glue my butt to the saddle!) and a little bit stronger leg to get her to stay consistent in the bridle.
  • Better trot lengthenings
    • While you can't see our lengthenings in the video at the canter, I think those are the bomb, even though this particular judge didn't like them (the last one did though). Our trot lengthenings however still need a lot of work. Jetta needs to push more with her hind end and I'd like to see more "air time" in our trot during the lengthenings. I'm definitely doing to ask TS to help us with these the next time I have a lesson with her, but I'm open to suggestions on how to improve the lengthened trot. Right now, I'm thinking lots of transitions within the trot, from collected to working to lengthened trot to help her rock her weight back more.  
  • Me sitting up and back more
    • First order of business = chiropractor. As I sit here hunched over because sitting up straight makes my back hurt, lol. Then I'm going to dig out my Equifit Shoulders Back contraption so at least I have a reminder to sit back. Then obviously just practice, practice, practice. 
  • Those dang 10m half circles
    • I don't know what it is about them but we can do a full 10m circle relatively well but ask us to do two half circles and we make them uneven and wonky so we just need to fine tune those as well. 
 Some "screen shots" from the video:

looking fancy in the corner

lengthened trot

Things that I was really happy with:

  • Our canter transitions. SO MUCH BETTER! Especially the one to the right because that's our awful direction. But it was so nice this time around. Still a little bit sassy with the ears pinned and a tail swish, but I'll take it because we didn't have a rocket launch or buck going into it. 
  • Our stretchy trot circle was also much improved, but could still use a little bit of work having Jetta stretch more out with her nose and also me sitting back more. Also, working on maintaining an even tempo. 
  • Jetta's overall relaxation for this test was way better this time around. I think a lot of it was the better footing but she was just cool and collected for the whole test pretty much so I was proud of her for that. 

 And I forgot to post about our placings yesterday. We got a first place out of three in our Training Level Test 3 and a second place out of three in our First Level Test 1. I thought it was amusing that we had recycled ribbons and this was our second place ribbon:

My dorky horse apparently looks like a mule

And also some follow up from Rolex - I'm so happy that Quimbo with Andrew Nicholson won! I watched all of the dressage rides and Quimbo was one of my favorites. When I heard that he'd done so well on cross country I was definitely rooting for him to win! He's adorable (the horse of course) and it's neat that he won his first four star event!

Image: Chronicle of the Horse
Plus how can you not root for someone who makes it look that easy?! I'm pretty sure if I was taking that jump I'd be holding onto both reins for dear life probably screaming, lol.


  1. Haha I laughed when I saw that pic on Instagram! I was like "didn't realize Jetta was a mule..."

  2. It's especially funny because my mom was calling Jetta a mule before our class because of her big "airplane" ears when she wouldn't put them forward for pictures. Regardless, she's a dork!

  3. Congrats on the show! The mule/donkey ribbon is great!

    Rolex was awesome!!!

  4. Congrats on the ribbons, those are great! She is a very talented mule :)

  5. I have been wondering about the Equifit Shoulders Back. Do you think it's helpful? I'm not too hunched but I'd like to get more in the habit of keeping my shoulders back.

  6. Congrats on the placings! She looks damn fancy!
    I'm been spoiled with horses who have natural lengthenings.... but lunge work has always been my go-to for getting a good lengthening started. That extra impulsion from the ground does wonders!

  7. Alanna - I think it's helpful to some degree. It's not enough to forcibly hold your shoulders back but it serves as a good reminder as to what you should be doing :)

    Haha, thanks everyone!

  8. Nice stills, her hoof landings look amazing! That ribbon is hilarious but still a RIBBON :)
    I agree about the chill energy of Andrew, like "la deee da!" I can NOT imagine. I kept saying all day Saturday while there, I wouldn't even ride this course on the FLAT!!! lol