Monday, April 22, 2013

The Weekend

I had a busy, fun weekend! I'm going to write about our weekend in two parts just so this post doesn't get crazy long :)

On Friday I took the girls home for the weekend. I agreed to horse sit for my friend/trainer JF for the weekend, plus I had the show on Sunday and the barn it was held was closer to my house than my apartment at school. And since I was going to be gone the whole weekend, I thought it would be good exposure to ride Queenie somewhere new.

I got Jetta all bathed and loaded the horses and all my stuff up and off we went.

I have to say it's so nice to have the horses at home. Sure you have to be the one responsible for feeding, watering and cleaning stalls but I don't have to drive anywhere, I just walk out of the house about a couple hundred feet. The horses get nice big stalls with runs, they have a huge pasture with lots of grass, and I can feed them however I want. I have my neighbor's outdoor arena to ride in and hot water wash rack to use, or I have my own little wash rack set up (cold water only). I have a whole entire tack room to myself too :)

Anyways, Saturday I rode both girls. I did Jetta first. She was WIRED! I let her run around a bit before I decided to get on.

She was super hyper and had the mega trot going on. Why can't we have a trot like that when we're doing our lengthenings?

Four off the floor! Overachiever.

After she settled down she remembered how to free lunge like a good girl.

And then we rode! And she was STILL wired. I felt like I was riding a rocket or a kite. Or a combination of both, a rocket strapped to a kite. The tiniest leg movement would cause her to canter and she got very upset if I didn't let her. She was forward, forward, forward but too much so. Floaty and light on the forehand was nice, but not at 100 miles an hour. I felt like I was riding my horse from two years ago and was dreading having the show the next day...

The weather was gorgeous so I should have taken one of the girls for a trail ride but that option completely slipped my mind :(

Such an awesome view

Queenie was next and she was near perfect. A couple circuits of the arena to scope everything out and she was golden! She's definitely getting fitter because the canter's getting a lot easier for her. We even were able to open and close the arena gate without me having to get off and I didn't have to take my hand off the gate!

Queenie enjoying her luxury accommodations

More about the show tomorrow!


  1. Holy fancy trot!! Go Jetta! :)

  2. Wow fancy trot! She looks amazing!

  3. Where do you live, haha, approx anyways? It is so pretty!

  4. Haha, thanks! I wish she would give me this trot when I asked for it. Hillary - I live in Oregon :)