Friday, April 26, 2013

Dressage? What Dressage?

Soooo, we have a dressage show on Sunday. And here's what we've been doing the past week+:

Monday - jumping
Tuesday - off
Wednesday - lunge
Thursday - off
Friday - off
Saturday - ride in jump saddle
Sunday - jumping show
Monday - off
Tuesday - off
Wednesday - trail ride
Thursday - off

Yeah. I've been a bad rider, meaning we've got two days to smooth out any tough spots in our dressage tests. Sigh. We did work on a lot of elements that we were having trouble with after the last dressage show, so I think we still can have a good ride and hopefully improve on our scores from last time. The only thing I'm worried about is our lengthenings in the trot because recently Jetta has decided half way through the lengthening to canter.

Hopefully we can still improve upon this!

But, hopefully we'll improve on suppleness and "bendiness" for our 10 m half circles and loops and I think our canter transitions have improved as well. We'll be riding Training 3 and First 1 again. And at least I know this facility will have nice footing so Jetta will move nicer than at the last place with the rock hard ground.

And of course I couldn't post without mentioning Rolex in some form or fashion. I'm so jealous of everyone that's there! I was thinking of asking for a plane ticket for my birthday (which is how I got to go to the World Equestrian Games in 2010) but after looking at prices even months ahead of time I knew it would be too expensive :(

But that's why there's live stream which I've been trying to squeeze in watching between classes and homework. Go Thoroughbreds! I should set up a screen in front of Jetta's stall and tell her to watch and learn, lol. I love eventing - I can't wait till we get out there for our first actual horse trial in June!!


  1. Have fun at the dressage show! Can't wait to hear the report :)

  2. Have fun!!!

    Jetta looks AMAZING in that pic :)