Saturday, April 6, 2013


Ugh, looks like my bad show luck from last year may be making a return effort. The show that I just entered on the 20th got canceled :( So bummed, I was really looking forward to seeing this facility. I tried to go to this same show last year but had to scratch because Jetta had a hoof abscess. We are going to sign up for another one on the 27th or 28th, but I'm just not so sure about the facility. I had a lesson there on Tux a while back and there's almost zero parking and I'm not sure there's a warm-up arena... I'm sure that there has to be somewhere. At least the footing in the main arena is super nice (it's beach sand but it's not too deep).

Sigh. So bummed. And Queenie is lame. I'm not worried about it really since she just got her feet trimmed, I think she's just sore because she's getting used to having her toes so short since they were long for such a long time. I went to ride her yesterday and she was noticeably lame on her right front, so I put some Keratex on it (love that stuff! except for the $) and today she was almost 100% fine, maybe still a little short when I lunged her to the right, but just in case I rode her lightly around bareback and then reapplied the Keratex. I'm hoping she'll be back in action by tomorrow!

Jetta has been fairly good for riding, it's back to pouring down rain (gotta love spring!) so she doesn't get turned out, so she's been a busybody under saddle but we've had some very lovely moments. Her trot work, except for lengthenings which suck right now, has been awesome. Her left lead canter transition is fairly amazing if I do say so myself, but we're still struggling with that right lead. Someday we'll get it.

Pretty girl
On a happier note, the BO got a new puppy and I'm in love! While they have two French bulldogs that they plan to breed (also love them, even though I'm not a fan of brachiocephalic dogs theirs are quite adorable) they randomly decided to get an Akita puppy.

Is she not adorable? Her name is Pie

She's so cute and fluffy! Like a teddy bear. While I haven't necessarily heard good things about this breed (I have no personal experience with them, so I can't judge) they're already taking her to a puppy training class and I have to say this is a gorgeous breed. I especially like her color. She "talks" too. I may be forced to steal her...


  1. That puppy is adorable, I love Akitas.

  2. Sorry to hear that the show has been cancelled. That puppy's adorable aree Akitas related to huskies because they always remind me if huskies x

  3. Bummer on the show, but I hope the one the following weekend works out.

    Puppy is ADORABLE! We have a Malamute mix (we call him a Malamutant) who is VERY talkative. Only problem is that he backtalks sometimes! It's all we can do to remain stern and keep from laughing when he does that, lol!

  4. Amber Rose - not sure, they do look a lot like Huskies, but they're a Japanese breed so I'm not sure how closely the two are related.

    Jenj - love the Malamutant! That's really cute.

  5. Thats so gutting about the show!! Best if luck with the next one.
    Fingers crossed thats all thats wrong with Queenie.
    Adorable puppy!!

  6. The akita pup is adorable! Glad to hear they are taking it to classes. Akitas can be great dogs but they are not a breed for everyone. They're a breed you need to be the boss of otherwise they will run the house. I own two akitas myself and volunteer with an akita rescue on the east coast.