Sunday, April 7, 2013


Well, things are better. I found a jumping show to replace the dressage show that got canceled and in addition entered the other dressage show that's on the 27th.

Queenie is no longer footsore so I rode her today. I just got on bareback - I am the epitome of laziness, but she sure made me work today! She was a little squirrley today and she's so round that it's very easy to just slip off and I found myself grabbing mane a couple times to stay on. She's like a couch though. So comfy.

I looked around for a little schooling show to take her to, but there's nada. I just think it would be hilarious to enter her in a couple W/T western pleasure classes. She can look the part! Today we worked on haunch turns. I don't think she was ever taught them, but she's learning. She still gets mixed up sometimes when I cue for it and moves her hip, but she's getting there. If only she could move her forehand around as fast as she can move her haunches... she'd make a reiner yet!

I thought this was amusing, her perfect pivot hole.

I don't have to use spurs with her any more, she's learned what all the leg cues are and doesn't blow through my leg near as often. Now we just need to fine tune the canter and teach some neck reining. She's getting more and more comfortable in the canter, but it's still in its "bunny hop" stage (aka still tense and slightly lateral). Love having a project pony :)


  1. Sucks about the canceled show, it would be cool if you showed her in western pleasure!! :D

  2. That really is a perfect pivot! Maybe look for open schooling shows? It'd be cool to show her in western for fun :)

  3. L - can you just see people's faces when they see a big clydesdale enter a WP class? Haha

    And SheMovedtoTexas - I've looked, but so far the only things I've found are gaming shows and a miniature horse show, both of which I don't think Queenie fits the profile for :(

  4. Yay for a jumping show and the dressage one :-) How cool would it be if you did the Western Pleasure on Queenie!!