Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Big News

Well, I had some big news to share over the weekend and uh, I guess I kind of forgot to share it!

Don't ask me how I forgot to blog about it since I've been thinking of it all week, but here it is.

Drumroll please...



I sold Tux!

Finally had someone (actually two someones) interested in him and so the first person came down to look at him, made an offer and I accepted!

I think this will be a good home, it's the lady, we'll call her M, I mentioned a while back that wanted to ship him to her, but she ended up being able to come down.

I got Tux all cleaned up the night before then the next day just washed his legs so he was sparkling clean. I even blow dryed his feathers so they wouldn't turn into instant mud in the arena (of course Tux could care less about the hair dryer - he stood there with his head down enjoying it without anyone holding him).

Hauled Tux to the indoor arena a few minutes away since it was raining. He loaded up perfectly in the trailer, unloaded, tacked up and rode around. We hadn't been to this arena since I first started him undersaddle and boy was he looky! I was slightly frustrated with him because he was blowing off my left leg and snorting at everything - the posters on the wall, the new flag for the cow horses, the hay around the end of the arena, etc. etc.

They kept saying they didn't mind though - especially if this was his "worst". The sister hopped on, she's a dressage trainer, and Tux was quite good for her, though a bit lazy in the canter. M got on and walked and trotted around. I guess she's getting back into riding after breeding horses for a few years - she'd breed them and her sister would sell and train them. Anyways, she's very knowledgeable but a bit out of practice. Tux was very good with her and she loved how easy his trot was to sit.

The plan is for Tux to have his pre-purchase exam done tomorrow then the hauler is coming on Friday to pick him up! Of course it's not finalized until after the vet check, so it could fall through, but I don't anticipate any problems so hopefully this doesn't jinx it!

I'm actually quite sad that he's leaving. In the past I haven't had a problem selling horses, but I think it's because he's going so far away (well, 6 hours so it wouldn't be impossible for me to come visit) and the fact that I clicked so well with him and if I didn't want to jump, I would probably be up for keeping him (well, besides the fact that I have Jetta and I don't want to sell her either). On the ride back to school I teared up when it finally hit me that my boy was going. Hopefully I don't start bawling when the trailer arrives for him...

All time favorite picture of him

At the beach

First indication that maybe he'd make a nice dressage horse!

Recently started under saddle

Not quite started undersaddle

My non-horsey roommate riding him

The cuteness

Bringing home the ribbons

Fat horse muzzle hatred


Western saddle = postage stamp

In the dreaded pony torture chamber

Playing the brave trail pony

First day at my place in Fall 2011


  1. I hope it all goes well, but I'll miss seeing his handsome face on your blog. His new (potential) owner is very lucky!

  2. Congrads... but, SNIFF! He's so cute, and I know you've had a great time with him.

  3. yay happy for you and Tux.. sad to see him go but it sounds like a great home!!! I am sure that he will be on his best behavior for the vet and will be good on the ride to his new home.

  4. Im glad hes going to a good home. Im gonna miss reading about him. Love all the pics.