Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Jetta has been really good for the past two rides.

I went and rode her last night and though she started out with a bit of an attitude she settled down and we were able to work on her canter transitions and get some really nice ones and she didn't get all worked up about it. We also worked on leg yields and they are improving as well. I'd really like to do the First Level test 2 with Jetta but we have to have all the pieces in place.

Looking so cute in her striped quarter sheet.
This morning was another good ride. Again, Jetta started out a little bit rude but settled down quickly. I think we've figured out what works best for her in asking for the canter - I ask with my seat first to prepare her but she isn't allowed to canter until I put my leg on. That way she's prepared for when I ask and the transitions have been pretty nice! Of course it's not 100% and it still needs some fine tuning, but I'll take it.

Her lengthened trots are feeling really nice so I can't wait to hear what TS thinks of them. We need to work on the canter lengthenings more though. Overall I feel like our first level stuff is coming together, though I don't think we'll be doing test 3 any time soon since it calls for a simple change through the walk with no trot steps. Ha. I'm lucky to get a simple change through the trot so it might take us a while to work on that...

I think tomorrow I'll take the First level tests 1 and 2 out to the barn with me and do a run through and see what is left to work on.

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