Monday, January 14, 2013

Helping Out

This was kind of a crazy weekend, even though it wasn't originally supposed to be.

Saturday I had planned a nice, productive day. I'd sleep in a little, clean my room, get some homework done, go for a run, go ride Jetta then drive home to ride Tux and spend the night.

Friday night as I was getting ready for bed, I get a facebook message from a friend, one of my old 4-H leaders, thanking me profusely for helping out "tomorrow". I frantically pulled out my planner, sure that I had volunteered to do something and  forgotten it, but nothing came to mind and Saturday was blank. Long story short I finally figured out that somehow, someone had volunteered me to help with a tack sale.

It was a benefit sale for the 4-H program, so I couldn't say no because I love supporting the program, plus I didn't have any "concrete" plans for the day so I woke up bright and early for it. It was a lovely 23 degrees throughout the sale, though they made quite a bit of money from it, which is great for the 4-H program since funding fell through three years ago and there is no longer 4-H in our county, though it looks like they are rallying and the community is finally coming up with enough money to fund it again.

Preparing to go outside: 3 pairs of pants + gloves and face wrap + 4 coats = perfect toastiness!
I went home and defrosted for a bit then went and rode Tux. I am putting off clipping him again since it is so cold! He was great as per usual. I rode him Sunday as well and worked on stuff from our last clinic. If I still have him by the end of February I think I'd like to take him to a dressage show and maybe show at first level.

Sunday I ended up having too much homework to go ride Jetta and I'm finishing it up today so I will get to ride tonight hopefully! In the slightly improved temperatures of 28 degrees. Boy do I hope it warms up soon! This whole below freezing thing is a bit ridiculous.

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