Friday, January 25, 2013


I have a cat story. I think this blog is turning into a horse/cat blog. But horse people tend to like animals in general so I hope you like cats!

Snowball is the barn kitty that I love. They keep trying to get me to take him home but I can't which makes me really sad because he is my #2 favoritest cat every (second only to my Chloe-cat). Anyways, he's not particularly happy about the arrangement. You see, he adores me just as much as I adore him. When he sees my car he literally comes running and you'll see a streak of white making a bee-line for me.

He follows me around the barn while I tack up Jetta meowing loudly and occasionally will sit on the arena wall or the jumps in the corner and watch me ride. Yesterday, he decided that more action was needed.

After my ride I got in the car and sat texting people before I turned the car on. I heard a "thunk" and looked up to see Snowball on the hood of my car staring at me, obviously trying to tell me that he wanted to be inside the car too.

Giving me the most evil glare imaginable

I honked the horn at him and he jumped a bit but didn't move, just kept staring intently at me. I rolled down the window to try to call him off but he didn't budge. I started the car. Still didn't budge. I slowly started backing up and he walked to the end of the hood and firmly sat down. He obviously was not getting off, I guess that's the downside to teaching him to ride the four wheeler. He's no longer afraid of sitting on running or moving vehicles. I got the car turned around and started inching forward, sure that he was going to get off once he realized how futile it was.

The car is actually moving in this photo, albeit slowly, but he is not budging!

But nope. He settled down on the hood as I drove to the end of the driveway. I got out to shut the gate and set him on the ground. I'm sure if my hood was made of something he could have dug his claws into I would have had to pry him off. As it was he sat in the driveway doing those big kitten eyes trying to sucker me into taking him home with me. I wish!

That cat is just too cute. After I got home I saw that the BO had texted me - she saw the whole thing and was just dying of laughter. Oh Snowball...


  1. Oh my gosh....that is absolutely hilarious!!! He is telling you that you just HAVE to take him home! :)