Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 Goals

I've kind of stopped making goals this past year or so because I felt like I never met them. I used to make monthly goals on the blog to keep me focused, but it just seemed like something always happened to prevent us from meeting all of them. However, I was kind of disappointed in this year, I was really hoping to do a lot more over the summer, show-wise and that never happened plus I feel like we're at kind of a stalemate point in our training.

So, to help all of that along... Goals for 2013!! I'm keeping them pretty simple, but here's what I would like to achieve:

  • Compete in a 3' class - hunters or jumpers and I'd just like to have a clear round!
  • Compete in  one recognized and  two league dressage shows
  • Ride a first level test at a show and score at least a 65%
  • Compete at the recognized Inavale HT - I don't care whether it's at Novice or Beginner Novice I just want to ride in it!
  • Ride in a schooling HT and not get eliminated
  • Try to get Jetta inspected by a warmblood registry, probably RPSI or Oldenburg
That's pretty much it! Of course I want to improve both our skills along the way and have fun, but these are just going to be the "measures" of our success. 


  1. Good luck with your goals. !! You definitely can do it and Im going to enjoy reading ur blog as you achieve them

  2. Best of luck with your goals! I need to sit down and think about ours as well :)