Friday, February 1, 2013

New Home

Tux left for his new home today. He is on the trailer as we speak and probably won't get there until around 7 tonight. I'm going to miss him so much! I know he'll have a good home, but still. I have been stressing all morning since I wasn't able to be there to get him on the trailer for the hauler, especially because it's an unfamiliar trailer and they had two minis they were hauling as well. 

Luckily I got a good report from my mom that he loaded up perfectly despite eyeballing the scary minis. What a good boy.

The vet check went well yesterday. Tux was a good boy for the vet and didn't have any problems. He said that Tux was one of the soundest horses he had seen in weeks. He liked is conformation and movement too. Tux was so funny, we used my neighbor's arena to lunge in and Tux was hyper! He was showing off for everyone - the vet, the vet tech and my neighbor. His tail was up, neck arched and prancing around. What a show off :)

I'm hoping his new owner (ahhh, it's sad to say that) will keep in touch and keep me updated on how he's doing!

Here are some pictures from yesterday, my last day with him.


  1. Its sad to see Tux go, I loved all his stories! Now you just need another project horse, you do so well with them :)

  2. Bittersweet for sure. Fingers crossed that his new mom will keep in touch!

  3. Cute pictures. I am sure you're sad to see him go but sounds like you wouldn't give him to just anyone and he has a great new owner :)

  4. Love the pics. It must be a sad thing to sell him but at least you know hes gone to a good home.