Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Armed & Dangerous

I went out to see Jetta today armed and determined to have a good session with her...

Armed with my camera that is!

I got a new toy (a remote control) so of course I had to try it, plus I didn't want to have another fight with Jetta so we did something that we both enjoy - free jumping!

I'm a one-woman team so with free jumping it's hard to take pictures and make sure Jetta goes over the jump, but with the remote it's much easier, though I need to work on my timing.

Anyways, enough chatter, here are the (awesome) pics! Still need to figure out how to take better arena pics, but I still love them despite that.

3'3" - I think she makes this look easy!


Love how much clearance she has here!

Super pony

3'9" (though I think it might be taller than that) - of course I couldn't seem to get any pictures of her actually over the jump, my timing was off so this was the best I got. 

Nice hind end!

Reference - it's tall! I'm about 5'7"

Then it was time for a good roll. Of course she had to do it next to the wall and make me worry she was going to get cast or hurt herself.

Afterwards I went back to the wash rack for more fun. This time it only took 15 minutes of bickering before I got her in the wash rack, this time with no bribery. Ha! Once in I loved on her a bunch and made a big deal out of how good she was, then I put her back in her stall. Hopefully she will decide that it's not worth the fight tomorrow...


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog... I think it's safe to say you have yourself a jumper there! :)

  2. Fun! A remote would make it easier. Love the pictures!

  3. She looks like she is having a blast!

  4. Wow, look at that girl jump!

  5. What a talented girl. It looks so effortless for her. Yay for pictures