Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Looong weekend

This weekend is just what I needed! Besides my crazy, hectic day Saturday the rest of the weekend was nice and laid back.

Sunday I basically did nothing and ended up sleeping in until noon. Oops. I lazed around at home then Monday we had no school so I spent the day with my mom for lunch and shopping.

That morning I fed the horses and had a quick ride on Tux. I opted to go bareback in the interest of saving energy (aka being lazy) and the fact that he was warm and the weather is stubbornly remaining below freezing. He was such a good boy and we had a fun jaunt around the pasture. I wanted to go ride on the road again but we've had a freezing fog settle over the valley so I didn't want to gamble with the slick roads even though he doesn't have shoes and would probably be fine. Better safe than sorry.

Someone was supposed to come out and look at him Monday morning, but they flaked and later I got an email that they decided to wait on buying a new horse. Phooey.

But! I still have someone coming to see him this Saturday, as well as one other person interested in him if the first set decide not to go through with it, plus a third person who emailed me this morning and might be interested. Finally! At least two people are really serious about it, they are both from out of state and I think they'd both be good fits. It's a little sad that they're not close enough to visit like with Katy, but if they bought him then I would have an excuse to go there!

Today was more laziness, though I've still been productive. No class so I've gotten through three hours worth of video lecture for my online class, did laundry, more homework for other classes and am now just about out the door to go ride Miss Jetta!

Hopefully she'll behave herself and make up for her rudeness on Saturday since I'm still a bit miffed at her.

No horse pictures, so I'll leave you one of my very annoyed cat, Chloe. I think she wanted me to stop taking pictures of her...

Not amused...

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  1. Bareback riding is the best. I love it.
    Good luck finding a home for Tux. Your cat is adorable.