Tuesday, October 2, 2012

On the Road Again

Wow, I feel like I was on the road all day yesterday. I only have one class in the morning on Mondays, so of course I have to add a ton of stuff to make up for the lack of time I'm spending in class, right? Well I signed up for a lesson with TS. I ended up riding Jazz because it would have been too difficult to bring Jetta down, though I probably would have gotten more out of it if I had. Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun.

There were four other ladies that rode plus my neighbor who also rode. She made lunch too so it was kind of a fun "lesson party". I was actually really nervous about riding Jazz because I wanted a lesson in the double bridle and I was afraid that TS would think I was silly for wanting to ride a 22 year old QH in a double, or that Jazz would misbehave. I legitimately had nightmares, lol.

But I didn't need to worry. TS loved Jazz and was very complimentary of her movement, her temperament, her conformation and the shape she was in at her age. Basically she loved her so I was glad! Jazz is one of my babies :) TS actually asked me if Jazz had had any foals and said it was a pity that she didn't since she was such a nice horse - my thoughts exactly! I've always regretted not breeding her because she's got the brains, the beauty, the heart, the temperament and the performance to put into a great foal.

Jazz worked super hard for me though not without some sassiness. Canter transitions are interesting but she improved pretty much immediately once we started the lesson. Trying to make a liar out of me I see :) We played with some shoulder-ins and haunches-in, worked in all the gaits and then worked with some flying changes. Jazz was quite enthusiastic about them, even doing one tempi change when she wasn't supposed to. It was quite entertaining and I was happy with how well she was remembering stuff, if trying a little too hard.

Here are some pictures from yesterday. My mom actually offered to come take pics (!) though unfortunately they didn't turn out as well as Tuxedo's, though still quite awesome.

I think this one is my favorite

Love how uphill she is here

Showing her sassiness with the changes, haha.

After my lesson I went to visit the barn of a woman who wants to lease Jazz. She's pretty much the same situation as her last lessor - an older woman wanting to get back into riding - so of course Jazz will be perfect for her. The barn was cute and tidy so she is going to come pick Jazz up in 2 weeks. So sad! I always have so much fun with her, but I hate her just sitting in the pasture, so as long as she's taken care of properly, I'll be happy.

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  1. Glad the instructor liked Jazz! She is super pretty.
    Gorgeous photos :) It sounds like you had a great lesson.