Monday, October 22, 2012

Show Time

The team dressage show was over the weekend. Boy am I glad that it's over. Two days in a row starting at 6 am and being full of stuff to do. We set up the evening before. Kind of disappointed in the team - of course everyone wants to participate in the clinics and such, but no one shows up to help at the shows, where we fund raise all our money. Me, two members and one boyfriend helped set up. But, we were motivated since it was cold and a football game was on, so we got it set up in record time.

The next morning was an early start again, especially since we stayed up till 11:30 pm watching the game. But it wasn't like I could go to bed early, what with everyone yelling at the TV so I stayed up to watch it and got some homework done.

Morning was way too early. I am not a morning person. We put out the letters on the dressage arena and set up the office. Of course I thought there was a table in the office for us to use, but there wasn't. So we used a little nightstand and a piece of plywood on a box. Resourcefulness at it's finest. The show went off without a hitch for the most part. The only problem was I forgot the waivers that we have to do through the university. I ran home to get them aaand they weren't there. And they weren't online. So I dragged my printer/copier out to the show so I could make a bunch of copies of an old version of the waiver.

Other than that - it stayed mostly dry with only a few light showers. No one scratched their classes, everyone paid, and no one got hurt. It was a good show. Just wish we had a better turnout!

ML rode in both her and Addie's first dressage show and did very well! Their high score in intro was a 69%. I caught some good pictures of them:

After taking the dressage arena down, setting jumps back up in the arena, taking the truck and trailer back to the barn (ML borrowed it) and studying for my morning midterm, I promptly crashed early. Who knew dressage arenas gave you such a work out?


  1. Isn't she? She's already 17hh and I don't know if she's done growing yet...