Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lazy Saturday

Had a wonderful, lazy day today where I slept in really late and then spent the evening at the barn.

I rode Tux today and he was having a bit of a bratty baby day, but it was understandable after two days off and a ton of activity - it was dinner time so everyone was getting their food and then we rode with someone else in the arena for the first time so he was very distracted and didn't want to listen to my leg one bit, so we had a discussion about that and we ended on a fairly good note, though poor Tux was so sweaty. It's difficult being naughty. He was actually quite sassy today and gave a few crow hops in the canter, but once he settled down we got a fairly nice canter. It's getting there! He's also due for a body clip sometime soon which I always think is exciting, so as soon as I get my new clipper blades in the mail it's going to be a spa day!

Are we done yet?

Poor tired pony

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