Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Taking a Moment

Wow, this term has been non stop for the past four weeks. I thought it would be nice and laid back because I'm only taking 3 classes essentially and I only have one morning class Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Instead, I feel like I'm running around like a chicken with no head. It's crazy and it doesn't look like anything's going to let up until November gets here.

This week has lots in store - my additional class outside the university, Forage & Pasture Management is on Wednesday, Thursday I have a dressage team meeting to prepare for our upcoming show in addition to two midterms, Friday the dressage team officers have to meet with the RecSports administration for our monthly meeting (ugh, paperwork...) while we're at it I'll throw in a meeting for Rotaract. Then Saturday is the big tack sale in the morning, then in the evening we're setting up for our dressage show. Sunday is the big day of the show. We don't have very many entries so it will go quick which I guess is a good thing, because I'm not sure when I'll find the time to write a paper for the camping trip I went on for a class this past weekend which is due on Sunday. Plus, I still have to print out all the tests and other paperwork before the show and make sure everything else is all ready. Sigh, it's madness.

All of this makes me glad I have a horse. It adds a lot of stuff to my schedule, but it's my stress reliever. I'm able to go out to the barn and spend time with my pony and relax. I don't have my huge "To Do" list running through my head. The barn is quiet and Jetta is being so good. I can take a moment for myself. This evening I caught a beautiful sunset just as I was leaving the barn and it made me glad I was able to take the time to go out to the barn!

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