Sunday, September 30, 2012


Okay, let's review this show year. I think I've made it to a grand total of two shows this year - an eventing schooling show and a jumping schooling show, both in late spring/early summer. I signed up for four dressage show - #1 I scratched because Jetta got an abscess, #2 I scratched because we thought ML's horse had strangles (which she didn't), #3 that was supposed to be this Saturday, even though I sent my entry in on time, the show was full so I didn't get to ride and then show #4, today, got cancelled. Such a bummer!

Of course it didn't get cancelled until 7pm the night before, so I had already pulled Colton's mane completely, ridden our tests a couple times, bathed him and gotten him completely clean. I even got blisters from pulling his mane! Though it was totally worth it, he looks awesome with a short mane, especially now that I can braid it! I had the trailer packed, tack cleaned and show clothes washed and ready.

Such a huge disappointment when the show gets cancelled so close to show time! This morning, since I had spent so much work on getting Tux ready anyways, I got my mom to come take pictures of us! I love seeing pictures of us, he is doing so awesome! He's such a handsome boy, my mom and I were discussing how easy it's going to be to sell him, but I don't want to! I feel so lucky to be his rider :)

This boy can move!

Turning miscommunication, lol.

All dressed up and nowhere to go!
Looking at these pictures, I can tell I need to work on getting my leg back in a more secure position in line with my hip and shoulder. It's just hard with his huge girth to get my leg in the right spot! I had the same chair seat on Katy too. But I couldn't be happier with Tux!


  1. He is GORGEOUS. Absolutely stunning. And you guys look so perfect together.
    If only you guys didn't live a whole hemisphere away... I'd snatch him up in a second!

  2. Aw thanks :) I still can hardly believe that this is only after basically 2 non-consecutive months of actual consistent training!

  3. He is gorgeous and if you hadn't said anything, I would have absolutely thought these were taken at a show.