Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Settled in

Tuxedo is all settled in! I moved him in on Saturday - in between going to the tack sale and setting up the dressage arena for our team show. It was a long day, starting at 6 am and going until 7 pm. Too long I tell you, without a break.

Anyways, I ran home after the tack sale and loaded up the trailer with more tons of stuff - his bridle, girth, pad, and blanket. Then all the jumping blocks, barrels and poles went into the trailer. I even picked a whole bucket of apples to bring up to the barn for all the horses. I thought there wouldn't be many apples this year, based on how many tiny little baby apples there were earlier in the season. But the tree had a ton of apples with very few worms/blights and they actually got pretty big. I even munched on one while I collected a bucketful and it was really good.

Poor Grady's all by his lonesome now. I gave him his dinner when I took Tux out so the poor guy barely noticed that Tux was leaving. Tux loaded up fine (with a slight, this again? attitude) and the drive up was quiet and long. We got to the barn and he snorted his way off the trailer. He almost didn't go into his stall he was being so silly. Once he got inside though, he decided it was ok since there was food :)

Sunday I was so tired and I still had to study for a midterm so he just got lunged. Today, he got half a bath - just his legs and tail and some of his belly. He doesn't look like such a piglet anymore :) He wasn't pleased - I put him in the cross ties and turned the (hot!) water on and Tux almost fell over. Dork. He settled down though and I got him all cleaned up.

Poor tortured pony

Jetta was next. I put the new girth on her and it fits! It's a 52" and Jetta is a 50" so I wasn't sure if it would fit, but it was too good of a deal to pass up, plus the lady selling it said it ran small which was why she was selling it. It was perfect on Jetta. We had a very short and sweet ride. I let Jetta be a little more forward with a more ground covering stride as long as she didn't rush and stayed soft. Worked on adjusting her canter and she was fantastic today. Finished up with a perfect halt at X. Not bad for two days off!

Good pony.

Are we stylin or are we stylin?

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