Friday, October 5, 2012

Neglected Pony & Some Lovin's

Poor Jetta. She's been totally neglected for the past week. I finally went and rode her last night after her having a whole 5 days off. She was super good even with all of the time off and after my lesson with Jazz and TS I'm determined to actually start moving forward in our training since I feel like we've been stuck in a rut of just working on getting her round and not hanging on the bit or rushing. Boring. Anyways, we worked on some walk canter transitions which were much better than last week's attempt although not great yet. Worked on making her more adjustable in the canter and working on canter-walk and canter-halt transitions. She was a hard worker :)

Tired ponyy

Today I went to see her immediately after class because I was having such a rotten day and spent some much needed pony time just loving on her, grooming her really well and stuffing her face with apples from the tree outside the barn. Then the barn kitty made an appearance and I snuggled with him some and enjoyed watching him and Jetta interact. I felt better already :)

Hmm, I can get closer to the human if I'm up here...

What is this fluff ball?

Just chillin

Okay, now I can't get down.

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