Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fourth Ride

Colton had his fourth ride the other day! And we cantered for the first time, albeit only a few strides. He's pretty comfortable with me on his back now and doesn't get worried at all when I go to mount and dismount. Over the next few days I'll be working on getting him more comfortable with the saddle and teaching him to turn and halt from pressure from the bit (on the ground). I don't think he'll have much trouble.

He is immensely fat right now due to all the spring grass so he has gone on an immediate diet. He is now stalled at night with a flake of grass hay in a slow feeder hay net plus the smallest amount of grain with his vitamins. This boy is such an air fern. In addition to that, he also gets a grazing muzzle that he gets to wear a couple hours a day! I'm sure he hates me so much right now ;) With his diet and increased work, I'm hoping he'll slim down soon.

Why do you torture me so...

Get it off!

He also got a bit of a makeover - I trimmed his mane! I know that Gypsies are prized for their immense and ridiculous amounts of hair, but I thought I'd take advantage of his rubbed out section of hair that refuses to grow back to pull it short. I think he'll be more comfortable (less heat) and I can braid buttons for shows. We're going for the sporthorse look :) He got his beard and bridle path shaved, and feathers trimmed. Much better.

Cute stuff

After. I still have to go through it and thin it a bit, I just cut it with scissors since I couldn't find my pulling comb. Looks better though!


  1. Aww I am having the same problem with my horse! Hopefully the worst of the spring grass is over now!

  2. hahahaha.. poor boy doesn't get why you put it on him!! :) Yay for progress with him!

  3. Sounds like he's doing well! He is so adorable. Good Luck with getting the weight off him quickly.

  4. He is the cuteness, even without the 80 pounds of hair ;)

    He sounds like a very sensible, easy going horse who will continue to be a joy to start. He's going to make somebody a very nice riding horse!