Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Loose Ends

Ugh, I hate dead week. So, so much. I feel dead right now. I haven't seen Jetta this week yet, but I'm planning on going out after class and *hopefully* have a nice laid-back ride that will relieve some stress!

Sooo, I made a decision. Not to enter the recognized horse trials at Inavale. I know I've been planning on entering it ever since last year with Jazz. But with it being a week after school gets out and my lack of time to ride. Plus the fact that the cost is over $300 and, well, that's a lot. Jetta is young and we have a lot of time in our future to do these horse trials, unlike Jazz who turned 22 years old this year. I'm pretty bummed about not doing it, but if everything goes as planned I'll go to watch on xc day and try to steal a course map then later we can go school and pretend we're competing :)

At least we got to do the one day HT and we'll have some lessons this summer in addition to a jumper show and a dressage show.

Dressage score from the show - the two 6.5's are both from when she tried to jump the fence, lol. I was a little surprised at the 8 for our halt, since that never happens, though I wish we had gotten an 8 on the free walk like I know we're capable of. Overall, we have to work on our bending, but I was happy with our score! It was much better than I was anticipating.

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