Saturday, June 16, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Well, the ponies are home! And very happy about it by the looks of things. I moved Jetta and ML's pony Addie home yesterday. Jetta immediately started grazing and could care less while Addie pranced around with her giraffe neck looking at everything. Grady is pleased that his harem is being reinstated, while Colton is over the moon: Girls?? Girls!! Jetta and Addie have decided that they are in heat and are currently competing for Colton's attention while he tries to figure out how he got so lucky lol!

Last night everyone got stalled and I was a little nervous how the first night would go. I can hear noises from my window at night, but I didn't hear anything to make me worry last night, although when I got to the barn, I found all the stalls empty. What?! I whistled and they trotted into view. I guess my dad was trying to be helpful and let them out this morning without telling me. I had a minor heart attack, but it's all good.

Addie, Jetta and Colton. Best buddies!
I'm excited to start really actually working with Colton, stay tuned for his "makeover" soon!


  1. Cute pic! Can't wait to hear how things work out with Colten.