Monday, June 11, 2012

Study Avoidance

It's finals week. And I have four finals and three final papers due. So what should I be doing? Avoiding studying, hence the blogging (and complete blog makeover).

On Saturday I was planning on studying the whole day but that gradually morphed into full-on study avoidance. I decided to take a break and go down to the barn and groom the boys for a little bit. While I was down there I decided to sweep the barn. That turned into a complete cleaning of the barn. I rounded up all the water buckets and washed/bleached them. Cleaned and filled the water trough. Restacked the hay, cleaned out the feed area and tack room. Organized all my tack, stripped the stalls, and took out the trash. I spend two hours doing that. Oops.

It felt really good at least! The barn now looks great for when Jetta moves back home. ML is also keeping her horse Addie at my barn for the summer, so I want the barn looking its best for them, though I know ML won't care and its niceness will be lost on her. Oh well.

Then while I was at work all day Sunday, my parents weed-wacked the runs on the stalls and started mowing the pasture! I was amazed that they did that, usually it's like pulling teeth to get them to help with anything horse-y and all I did was mention it! Later in this week the pasture will get the rest of it mowed and my dad is planning on spraying the blackberries in the round pen that are making an effort at resurgence. That made my week since now the barn will be pretty much awesome. I can't wait to move back home for the summer.

I don't have an arena of any kind, but my neighbor lets me use her outdoor one. There are the trails to use, I can ride down the road, I'm going to be taking dressage and jumping lessons, I have all my horses in one place. Jetta will get fattened back up on pasture. I can ride Grady and Jetta, and finish training Colton. I have my tack room all to myself, I can fully customize how my horses are fed without feeling bad for the barn owner, etc.  I just prefer keeping my horses at home way more than boarding!

For now though, it's back to the last few days of school. I have one test every day, ending on Thursday, so I really get to that whole "studying" thing...

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  1. Love the new look!! Good luck on your finals! I start school on June 25 :(