Thursday, June 21, 2012

All Work

And no play. I've been so busy since school got out! Sorry for being such a bad blogger. With work and the fact that my computer has decided that it no longer wants to connect to the internet, though when I can connect to the internet it is p-a-i-n-f-u-l-l-y slow, I haven't been able to blog.

But I promise there'll be lots of updates in the next couple days! Colton's doing well and Jetta and I had a good lesson the other day. All the horses are seemingly getting along well, though I had to rotate stalls so that Jetta and Addie couldn't play around with each other. Jetta was kicking the wall and her hind legs were swollen for a day though she's absolutely fine now. And Addie in the morning would rush out of her stall making Jetta gallop out and spin around at the fence. Then one would gallop back into the stall and so would the other one.

The weather has been interesting lately. Today was super nice, but it's supposed to rain again tomorrow and on Saturday again unfortunately. Saturday I'm helping out at the vet box for the half star at the Inavale Horse Trials, so I'm excited for that.

Here's some pics of the ponies enjoying the sunshine. They wouldn't come up to the barn so I had to check on them to make sure they were ok. Grady and Addie still wouldn't get up when I went to pet them, so we cuddled for a while, then they both stretched out and laid flat. I made them both get up (with great difficulty) to make sure no one was hurt or feeling sick! They were fine, of course :)

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  1. Cute photos, they all look so happy and relaxed.