Friday, May 20, 2011

Breastplates: 3- or 5-point?

I've decided that I eventually want to get Jetta a breastplate because I don't have one and while jumping the saddle slips back slightly. Also, literally everyone has one in eventing so we have to fit in, right? ;) Anyways, I'm torn between a regular 3-point breastplate and a 5-point breastplate. My two favorites are the Antares Leather Breastplate and the Voltaire Convertible Breastplate.

What I like about Antares is that it is very well made and gorgeous. It is has a padded wither strap and an elastic insert.

The Voltaire is also gorgeous, slightly more so than the Antares (shocking I know!) The detailing with the fancy stitching is very nice. It can convert from a 3-point to 5-point breastplate. I like that it doesn't have the giant fleece pads on it which 5-point breastplates tend to have - while they might provide some extra comfort, to me they're distracting looking and would have to be cleaned more than if there wasn't fleece on it. Unfortunately the problem with this breastplate is the exorbitant price tag.

So, do you use a breastplate and if so, do you prefer a three-point or 5-point and why? What are your favorite brands? Does anyone have a Voltaire or Antares breastplate and what are your thoughts on it?

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  1. I always use a breastplate on my jump saddle. My instructor likes them because they're available if you need them, either to hold the saddle in place or to give you something to grab on to.

    I just use the nunn finer hunting breastplate with no elastic. Looks classy, is sturdy, not too expensive. I've looked at the 5 point ones, but they're generally sported by people who actually are going novice/training and up and I hate to have all the tack and none of the skills, so when we hit training, I might reconsider.

    I'm not wild about elastic inserts though. It seems to me that the last thing I want is give if I need a breastplate. Just my .02 cents though.